10 Best 1 Year Old Birthday gifts

    So celebrating 1st birthday of the baby and finding some of the best 1 year old birthday gifts ideas? I will help you out with help of some reasearch over online gift sources and asking experienced people. So here you you will find what you are looking for from the best experienced people.

    1 year old birthday gifts - 1st birthday gift ideas

    Celebrating first birthday of a new life in the house is the most exciting occasion. It is a priceless moment when we celebrate a birthday of 1 year old baby, welcoming the little one in this world for completing 1 year. This celebration is nothing without gifts for the little one. But, it is quite confusing for relatives or parents to find some gifts for the baby. I think it is quite confusing for you as well, at this situation, isn’t it? I know it is quite confusing for you as you don’t have experience of it before or either you are running out of some good ideas. Here, my responsibility is to help you out with this, with my experience, researching and asking people who already had this experience. I will tell you what are some best 1 year old birthday gifts that you can present. But before that I want to tell you why celebrating a 1 year old baby’s birthday or gifts to a 1 year old birthday baby is why so special.

    * Gifts for one year old baby can be saved for years till the baby grows up with age, these gifts are cherished at the grown up age. These gifts in itself explains the experience of that day to the grown up kid.

    * A 1 year old baby don’t understand much things, he needs something to play, to see, to experience because at this age babies start feeling the things which are near to them.

    * Celebrating this moment is so special because it gives happiness to you.

    So, these are some of the reason why celebrating this occasion is so special, there could be many reason for you as well that you know. Anyways, now let us check what are the gifts that you can present to your 1 year old baby. Here, I will give you some of the ideas, but final decision is all yours. So, let us see some of the ideas.

    Some birthday gifts ideas for 1 year old baby

    A 1 year baby is just a new to this world, who don’t understand much of the things, relations or anything. So, at the age of 1 year he should start learning things surrounding him. Their brain start growing a bit to understand things. So here i want to share some of the best 1 year old birthday gifts in the list which you can see down below, you can also find some birthday party ideas for the baby (if she is a girl).

    Stroll-Along Walker

    Stroll-Along WalkerIt is a perfect gift for a 1 year old growing baby. It is a stroll along walker through which a baby can start strolling. Holding it, the baby will start learning to walk by strolling and step after step, with help of it he/she will start walking. It has 4 wheels to move also it has handles to hold which help the baby to take support. It also enabled with music and starts when baby press the toy inside it. So, it is basically very fun and learning thing for a 1 year old growing baby.

    Soft Seat Toilet Trainer

    Soft Seat Toilet TrainerIt is a very comfortable small toilet system for toddler. It comes as a training system for the baby, to make him understand how to use a toilet. It is a complete 4 stage toilet system for designed for baby. It contains handle for baby’s comfort and security. It is to clean out and wash. I think you must gift this to a 1 year old baby, it is comfortable and makes the baby learn how to use a toilet.

    Fisher-Price Rainforest BouncerFisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer

    It is small bed for a baby with inbuilt with lots of things like toys, music, games, etc. It is a fun thing for your baby, it will make the baby more comfortable and happy all the time. This kit is designed with jungle theme, so you will see some animals toys in this kit, that the baby will really love to play. The music will really make the baby laugh and giggle. Their also some sound effects whenever baby will touch the hanging toys. So, in short this is a “must gift" for a 1 year old baby. Here are few more one year old birthday gift ideas.


    JumperooA jumperoo is a must gift for a growing 1 year old baby, it is really a fun and entertaining thing for a baby. Their are a lot of things in it which a baby will really enjoy like toys, music, buttons, etc. It comes with easy and adjustable chair for your baby to sit. With growing size of the baby you can adjust the jumperoo for baby’s comfort.

    Bedding Set

    Bedding SetYour 1 year old baby needs a infant bed, well organized. A one year old baby needs a small new bed for his/her comfort. It is covered with all four sides for baby’s safety. The bed have space for putting toys also and to play.

    Projection Mobile

    Projection MobileAs i said earlier baby happiness is all around his/her self, if you can make his/her surrounding a fun place, he/she will be happy. A good example of making his/her place enjoyable is projection mobile. It comes with toys, light and music. You can use this on baby’s bed, baby will really enjoy to watch hanging toys and listening to music.

    So, these were some of the 1 year old birthday gifts ideas. I hope this article have served the purpose and have help you out for the best birthday gift ideas. If you liked the ideas and our help, then please share it on you social network by just using the social button options mentioned down below or you can also discuss more for other more gift ideas by commenting below in the comment section.

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