10 Best Gifts Ideas For your Dog on his birthday

    gifts for dog

    Since the last few decades “dogs" have become a part of our family, our best friend. People now understand the importance of these beautiful creatures in their life. The advancement in medical science for dogs, run almost parallel to the progress in human medicine. Nowadays, people travel with their pets all around the world, even name their kids after their dogs. Since we love them so much, why not make their birthday special by gifting them with something that they would love.So, this article is dedicated to things that you can give your dog on his birthday and make it a special day for him.

    Here are some gifts for your dog

    A bed for your Dog

    If dog is man’s best friend, then it should at least have a bed of his own; a nice and warm place where he can crash into his deepest slumber. A wide range of beds are available in the market at a very affordable price. It can assure a little safety of him too as it will reduce the chances of you accidentally stepping on it at night. These beds are available in all sorts of colors, therefore, you can choose one which will go with your home décor.

    Automatic Pet “Waterer" and Feeder

    Are you a busy person? Are you someone who constantly forgets to do something? If you are, then here is a gift you can give to your dog and in turn, yourself. Once you have this, you don’t have to worry about changing the water for your little love. The feeder will do the same task as dog waterer, but with food. So, all you have to do is to fill it once in a while and be assured that it will perform that part job for you. Waterers and feeders are available in different sizes, depending upon the size of your dog.

    Dog Steps/Stairs

    Dog steps and stairs will come very handy if you have a small dog. Just place the step near the couch or the bed and your dog can come and go as they please. Even if your dog is big, but is old too, and cannot jump up and down the bed very easily like he used to do, then also it will be very helpful. These steps and stairs are not only assisting, but they are also quite decorative.

    Dog Grooming – He needs to be groomed

    I am sure that every one of us wants their dog to look most beautiful in the world. Seeing girls all over him would be a heavenly experience. So, here are some things that will enhance the beauty of your dog even more. If you have a dog with long hair, then you can go totally creative and give all sorts of hairstyle to him with a trimmer. Apart from fashion, trimmer makes your life easier by saving the work and time that you have to put in to trim your dog’s hair with scissors. So, now he can enjoy the time of summer even more.

    The second thing that you can give your dog on his birthday is a bottle of dog perfume. Imagine your dog walking in the street wearing a ‘hot and sweet’ perfume and becoming a real head turner. Just like that “Axe deodorant" advertisements. Won’t that be fun? Maybe he will manage to find a nice partner!

    Interactive tops – Your dog wants some entertainment

    There is a ton load of interactive toys available in the market for your dog. Just like you, your dog can also get bored sometimes, therefore, it is important for you to keep him busy. Studies have shown, that animals like to work for their food, even if they can get the same food easily in a near by dish. Therefore, it is best not to feed your dog straight in a bowl, but a part of your dog’s meal should be fed to him in such interactive toys. This would turn his normal food time into play time. One such toy that I saw on the internet, required a dog to move few slides to find out the food that was hidden behind it.

    And if you have a little money to spend, you can buy ball launcher for your dog. This toy automatically launches the ball, for your dog to catch. It will be like a little playmate for your best buddy. According to me, this is by far one of the best toys that you can find for your dog.

    A trip to a Spa

    Since last few years dog spa culture has advanced with a great speed. Nowadays, you can find a dog spa almost everywhere. Why not take your dog to one such spa on his birthday and give him the best experience of his life. Most of these spas offer flea treatment, dangling treatment, aromatherapy, oil massages and manicure. Imagine your dog lying on a massage table, with an eye mask on, as the professional staff of the spa pampers him.

    High Chair – Gift for your dog Comfort

    I am sure that you treat your dog as your own son or best buddy, so why not feed him like one. There are high chairs available in the market for your dog; some of them get attached to your dinning table. On this birthday, gift him respect, show him he is a big part of the family not just a cute toy. How about, you make the food that he likes to eat the most and have a proper family meal on the big day.

    Paw Wash – Gift for his Paw

    In dogs, paw is the most common place to develop an infection because it is very difficult to clean it. Don’t you get irritated when your dog just won’t let you come anywhere near his paws while brushing. So, here is a perfect solution for you and your dog’s problem. Many paw washers are available in the market that uses hydraulic water action to clean your dog’s paw. No Brush! It is a perfect gift if your dog frequently suffers from infection in the paw.

    Collar With A Light

    Do you like to take long walks with your dog at night? If you do, then why not gift your dog a little safety on his coming birthday. It is very difficult to see dogs on the street while driving a car at night, especially, if the dog is small in size. That means, if you don’t take proper care, then you can invite an accident. But, with a collar having a light on it, you can insure a little safety for your dog.

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