10 Cool gift ideas for Girls

    It could be quite confusing for you to find out ā€œcool gifts for girlsā€, as it is really difficult to understand what a girl would love to have as a gift. You might think few ideas, but you end up confusion to choose or may be if you never had experience of gifting a young girl then would probably running out of some good ideas. At this situation you might need or want anyone with whom you can discuss some gift ideas or may be someone to guide you. So, here I am your savior to help you out, you can thank me later for this.Be right back Kidding, no I really love this job to guide and help people finding in perfect gift choices.

    So for now let us go ahead and first understand how to find some good ideas on our own. Let us first understand what a girl would want as a gift. For this, first we need to know, consider and understand few things.

    What are the things girls use on daily basis?

    What a thing it would be that a girl would be interested in?

    What are her hobbies and interest? ( for the one whom you are looking out for gift )

    What kind of thing would be unusual, yet interesting as a gift for her?

    If you read these questions and asked yourself, then you might have got many things already cleared in your mind. These questions makes it easy for you to narrow down the gift list to only good ones. So I hope these questions have helped you out a bit, now let me give you some gift ideas that I found worth to share with you.

    10 Cool gift ideas for girl worth trying

    What cool gifts girls would like to have in this gift bag

    Below you can find a list of some gift ideas that you can consider. The gift ideas might not be specific for probably you might be looking for, but yes they are general and you can try these gifts for any girl (for your girlfriend, Friend, daughter, sister, etc.). So letā€™s see some really cool gifts for girls.

    Gift Glamour inside

    A young girl would probably interested in glamour. She would love to look good and attractive. At this age any girl would be more interested in things related to glamour. So you should think of some gift ideas that are related to beauty and fashion. Here are few ideas.

    Colored lenses

    Now a days, people are more interested to put on different colored lenses, specially girls. Girls really love to make their eyes more attractive and beautiful. They love putting on lenses for parties or when they go out. So gifting a pair of colored lenses would be a nice option.

    Makeup kit

    Many girls really love to do makeup before they go out for parties or generally to go out. Some girls really love to collect makeup kits of different types and brands. So I think it could be the one that many girl would love to have as a gift.


    You can consider accessories to gift a girl, I think any girl would love wearing accessories. You can find different kinds and range of accessories online.

    Her favorite celebrity printed top

    Girls really love to have good piece of clothes in their wardrobe. So you can gift a t-shirt to her, but not simply, make some effort to print her favorite celebrity picture on it and when it gets complete then gift a personalized one. You can also use some message or one line to print on the top with the picture. She will really love to have this as a gift and probably it would be a coolest gift for her.

    Gift for a gamer

    Many young girls love to play games a lot on pc or may be PlayStation/Xbox. So if she really loves playing games, then you can consider some gifts that are reelected to games. i.e games DVDs, Xbox station, Modified PlayStation controller, etc..

    Gift for Gadgets Lover

    These days, I have noticed that many girls are gadget freak whether we consider IPhone, music player, cell phones, etc.. They really love to be surrounded by different gadgets. So you need to know if she is a gadget lover. If she is, then you must look out for different gadgets as a gift.

    Music she loves

    If she is a music lover, thenĀ she will definitely love to have a wireless headphones as a gift. She can use it any where as they are wireless and comfortable to carry.

    Cellphone she loves

    If she loves cellphones, then also might be interested to make her mobile look good as many girls does. So if she does, then you can find some mobile accessories, back printed cover, etc.. as a gift for her.

    A cool gift that she will love

    This gift idea I have got from my own family story. It happened to be 8 years back when my sister was celebrating her 16th birthday and we (me, mom, dad) planned a surprise gift for her that was an acoustic guitar. As in her teen she really found it a very cool gift. And now she is 24 and really love playing with strings of her guitar. So you can also consider an acoustic guitar to gift her, she will really love to have one.

    Drop down to find more specific cool gifts

    Girls never end up there wish list, so I end with this ā€œcool gifts for girlsā€, you can use your brain a bit to find more gift ideas if you want, just by asking some questions mentioned earlier. I hope you found these ā€œcool gift ideas for girlā€ list, interesting.You can find more gift ideas for girls. If you want to find out some more specific gift ideas for her then, drop down in the comment section.

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