10 Cool gifts for Guys for Birthday

    Like in the case of girls, guys also love to be showered with attention and gifts every once in a while. Be it any occasion, there are hundreds of cool gift ideas for guys. However, it is not an easy task to find the perfect cool gifts for guys, but with the right knowledge of a guy’s nature and interests, it is possible to get him that perfect gift for any occasion.

    cool gifts for guys

    When it comes to the challenge of buying gifts for a guy, the very first thought is about getting him a gadget or something related to sports. But the truth is that there are lots of other gift options to explore as well, you can also find some personalized gift ideas for him.

    Some of the best gifts ideas for any guy

    Be it your brother, friend, boyfriend, the list below will give you ideas regarding some of the coolest gifts for guys:

    He will definitely love a shining new tie

    No matter what the guy is doing or which phase of life he is in, a tie certainly adds to the look for a guy. Especially for a guy who is in his 20s or above, a tie is a must- have in his wardrobe. Gift him a shining new silk tie and he will definitely think of you every time he will drape it around his neck.

    How about a cool watch

    Watch is one of the most important as well as widely used accessories in every guy’s wardrobe. Unlike girls, most of the guys always make sure to wear their watch, irrespective of the attire they are donning for the day. Gift your guy a really cool branded watch and he will be very thankful for this thoughtful gift of yours.

    Why not pair of nice t-shirts

    Any guy will love to have his wardrobe with new cool t-shirts. So, why not to gift pair of some t-shirt. This is a very good option for gift that any guy would love to accept.

    A Camera for the avid photographer

    In case the guy in question is an avid photographer, try to find him a suitable DSLR camera. There is nothing more important for a guy than to know that the woman in his life appreciates as well as supports his passion. Apart from this, guys seem to have an affinity for cameras and clicking pictures.

    Gift for a sports lover

    If he love playing any sports, then you can gift some present related to sports. He will feel awesome to get that gift and this will be memorable for him.

    He will appreciate a cool gadget

    Guys love gadgets, no matter what age group they are in. If there is a certain gadget which he wanted to buy for some time now, go for it and see the thrill and surprise on his face when he opens it. Some of the safe options are a cool new smart phone, wooden speakers, head phones and a lot more.

    A gift for the fitness freak

    Guys usually love to stay fit and there is no better gift than something that will help them in doing so. If your guy loves to run and jog, gift him a cool fitness band. With lots of branded fitness bands out there, you will have no trouble in choosing the right one. This is yet another thoughtful gift you can give to all guys.

    A gift for the child in him

    There is a kid in each one of us and guys are no different. Gifting a Play station with their favorite games or an Xbox will be the best gifting option for each and every occasion. Going by the trends, play stations are becoming a favorite among guys and it definitely lifts their mood as well.

    A smell good perfume

    Nothing is more attractive than a guy who smells good. Be the first one to gift him that perfect fragrance. This will not only leave him mesmerized, but he will also feel good about himself. Depending on his choices, there are hundreds of cool brands for you to choose from.

    A set of cool wine/ shot glasses

    If your guy loves to have a drink once in a while, then this will be another thoughtful gift for him. Shopping for crockery is something that guys stay away from and selecting the right set of wine glasses for him will be a great gift idea for all occasions.

    Make him look smarter with a smart wallet

    Wallet is something that guys of all ages carry with them and carrying a torn out and mushy wallet is a disgrace to your guy’s personality. Gift him a smart and cool wallet and give a touch up to his shining personality.

    Cool branded shades

    Any guy will love to have shades. Guys love putting on shades, So why not a branded shades for him. You can buy a branded shades may be “Ray ban". If you know his choice of brand and frame, then that could be best as you can buy as per his choices.

    Cool gifts for guys are hard to find and it definitely takes a lot of soul searching as well. So, this was it from my side, I found these gifts to be amazing for any guy. I hope you have liked some of the ideas from here.

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