10 Unique Gifts for Women

    Looking out a gift for a woman? To be more specific, you are finding some unique gifts for women? It may be tricky or may be tough task for you to find some good ideas on your own, as it happens with all of us that we need someone to help us out in suggesting some good ideas. So as I love this job I will help you out here, I will give you some amazing gift ideas for women that are really very unique, that is what you are looking for.

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    I must tell you that a woman is mature in her interest, things and thoughts. They like things that are more mature than any kiddish thing. She might not like gifts like cool casual watches, trendy colorful clothes, in short she will not like loud gifts. She will be more interested in things that are meaningful and have some importance. The motive of telling you about this things is to open your mind so that you can find some best gifts.

    So for your convenience I have listed down some of the unique and amazing gift ideas. I came across many sources to find these gifts. I might not be specific in the gift list as I don’t know for whom actually you are looking for gifts. i.e mother, friend, sister, aunt, etc.. So for this I would like you to add your query in the comment section.

    Unique Gift ideas for a women


    These are some of the great gift ideas that I found over internet. I hope you will like these ideas. These are very general gift ideas but still you can pic few of them. So let’s have a look on these gift ideas.

    Smart bags for gym

    If she loves going to gym and working out, then this gift is specially for her. I know women really loves to carry good looking bags to their gym. These bags are very comfortable to carry anywhere so other than gym she can also carry it to anyplace. You can find these bags from various well-known brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc.. So if she goes to gym, then you must gift this or if she already had one, then still gift a brand new so that she can use it alternate daysSmile with tongue out.

    Retro Home Telephone with Charger

    It is one a very nice gift I found in various online stores. I really like the way it is made. Its retro look gives it a very nice look, plus it also works as a charger for I-phone or I-pad. These all in one feature makes it a very unique gift.

    Victorian Lovelies Sculpted Indoor Head Planter

    It looks really good, I am actually flattered by the way a plant on a head shaped planter. She can put it in her balcony or hall. So if she love plants, then this is a very nice gift for her. If she don’t like, but I would still say to gift her because it really looks amazing.

    Engraved Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

    If she is really close to you like she is your wife, mom, sister, then you can go for this gift. It is a very nice concept of graving some personal tag or name on the silver cuff bracelet. You can find ready made engraved sterling in any gift shop and tags in the bracelet would be like this i.e You are very special in my life, You are my life, you are my soul, etc..

    Digital Frame

    Gift her a digital frame in which you can use some personal pictures of her or of the people who are very close to her. Suppose you are looking out for a gift for you mom, then you can use all personal pictures of family, her pictures and her close friend pictures. It looks really great, she can use it in her room.

    Food recipes book

    Many women really love to cook different kind of dishes, so why not to gift a food recipes book. In which she can find thousands of food recipes to cook. She will love to have this kind of book as a gift.

    Set of beauty and make up products

    It is no doubt to anyone that women really loves to do makeup and they are more interested in beauty. I am not saying all, but yes many does. So why not to gift a set of all beauty and make up products all together wrapped up in a basket. This will be really awesome gift for a women. You can also find these kind of gifts wrapped in basket that are already made for the customers. So you don’t have to make much effort to find gifts, wrap them up and put it in a basket. Now you can directly get it from shops.

    Health tracker smart watch

    If she is health conscious, then this gift is for her. There are many well known brands who are manufacturing these kinds of smart watches. They are very well designed which tracks a lot of activities (i.e. Calories, Perspiration, Skin Temperature, Steps, heart rate, etc.) in your body to help you analyze your health.

    Want some more ideas?

    This is all what I can give you right now. These are some of the very unique gifts for women, you can also find some more ideas. I hope you will pick few of these gifts. And as I said earlier if you really want some more specific gift ideas then please discuss with us in the comment section.

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