13 Funny gifts for men – Hilarious & Funniest you could find anywhere

    Gift for a man, it is a difficult task, then how to think for variations in a gift for a man? But, yes, a little hard work can pay you in the long run. Just imagine, the moments you can spend with that important man in your life, after opening that funny gifts. That man can be any person, may it be your dad, brother or boyfriend, but to put a smile on his face is more important here. We are putting a complete list of funny gifts for men and you can make the best selection from all, depending on the relationship, you are sharing with him.

    Most hilarious and funniest gift ideas for men

    Usual or common gifts are too boring to present anyone. So why not to gift things which can make him smile or laugh. If you are really looking out for most funniest and hilarious gift ideas for men, then there you go. Here is the list of some of the funniest and very unusual gifts that you can present any man in your life.

    Funny gifts

    Fart button - Funny gift 1Gentleman’s Fart Button

    Farting, it’s a nature’s call. Who can help it? It can definitely put you in a shameful situation. This button can rescue you at such moments where the pressure is on its peak and control is out of control. Just press it and let it make a bigger sound than yours.

    Boob Ear Muffs
    Funny gift 2

    The men can fall in any age group, but that manly characteristic will remain the same lifetime. They can never change their fascination for a woman and her genitals. Let it be. All knows and now it’s all acceptable. So gift him something that can actually put a smile on his face when he picks it up to use.

    The Man Sack - GIft 3The Man Sack

    Now this one is for the sporty man who loves to show his assets, though not an actual one. The pockets of their jeans can’t take everything that is necessary to carry such as mobile, car keys, home keys, sometimes bottle opener, those credit cards then, what can come to help him. This Man sack his belted pocket, which can be handy and funny at a time.

    Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug


    Mugs are always a men’s favorite. A mug filled with coffee always calls for a pleasant evening. But it’s the darkest secret of many men that coffee makes them pop. Let him know that you know his secret with a smile.

    buttputtButt Putt Golf

    This is really a hilarious stuff, you will laugh reading about it. “Butt putt golf" is a golf hole to play with, it is shaped in form of butt, where you can pot the ball. There is one special thing about this stuff, as soon as you pot the ball, it makes 6 hilarious farting sounds that will really make you laugh.

    Grow your own girlfriend

    Grow girlfriend - funny gift 7

    Feeling lonely, we have the solution. This is an ideal girl with long hair whom you would love to have. When soaked in normal room temperature water, she will grow to 6 feet height and make you feel like a man with a girlfriend.

    Rude and crude funny giftRude and Crude Magic Answer Ball

    This is a very good time pass or a helping hand when you are confused. Remember, some confused situations in life when you don’t know what to do. Just keep it that way. But this ball can amuse you. You can ask it a question and just flip it. I Bet, it will give the funniest answer, which can make you smile in any situation.

    Big Bite Gummy Bear

    This gummy bear can make the man go back to his childhood. Lift a fork and fight for the biggest piece. It even comes in all childish flavors such as cherry, raspberry, orange, green apple and watermelon.

    Halarious bookWhy do Men have Nipples Book?

    This is a book filled with all funny questions what men usually won’t feel free to ask in normal condition. They can do it only when they are drunk and it is the best situation for them to relieve all that stress. The title of the book itself is funny to a put a smile on him. This book can make any man laugh to the core in a secret room.

    Finger Drums
    Finger drums makes you smile

    Then this gift you can buy for him. This can be an ideal gift from daddy’s little girls. You both can be nostalgic and he would love to remember your childhood days and play with his fingers to match the size of drums.

    sonic-foamer - Funny cool giftAmazing Sonic Beer Foamer

    Beer, find a man who doesn’t want it or love it. There is a way of drinking it and enjoying it. It is better with the foam on it. It gives the feeling of being fresh and man love it that way. This instant beer foamer can bring up foam on it on any stale glass of beer. Have it chilled and enjoy. You can gift it to any man in your life. I.e friend, boyfriend, husband, brother or father. It is really a cool gift to present a man.

    These were some really funny gifts for men, you can try for. I hope you laughed while reading these gift ideas. So without any doubt just go for these funny gifts for a male and no need to go here and there. It’s always here with us. So enjoy the moments and have fun.

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