18th Birthday Gifts for Her – 8 Best Ideas under your Budget

    What gift to her? What are some good gifts under budget? What are some good 18th birthday gifts for her? What to plan for her birthday? Is that you are stuck into? If this is so, then you are at the right place where you can find all good birthday gift ideas you are looking for. Here I will share few good ideas that you can consider for her birthday.

    Out of all their birthdays, the 18th birthday is very special for girls. If you are in a relationship and your girlfriend is turning 18, then you must be aware of how excited she is for her big day. No matter how old they are, girls always look forward towards a great birthday and also expect gifts that will sweep them off their feet. Being a boyfriend, she expects the most special birthday gift from you and hence it puts a lot of pressure on you. In order to make it easier for you to find one of the best 18th birthday gifts for her, we have prepared a list of some of the best birthday gift ideas. Take a look and make your own choices.

    Best Gifts for Her 18th Birthday

    So here I want to share my list of 18th birthday gift ideas for her, most probably your girlfriend. These are few shortlisted birthday gift ideas which I found after researching over many gift sources. These gifts are not very expensive so you can buy these things under your budget. So let’s have a look on these birthday gift ideas.

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    Professional Manicure/ Pedicure System

    Professional Manicure Pedicure SystemOk guys, so it is no surprise that girls love to look their best at all times. On your girlfriend’s upcoming 18th birthday, give her a professional manicure/ pedicure system so that she can maintain as well as take care of herself in the comforts of her home only. Girls are known to spend a lot of money on these things and having a personal grooming kit will be a great birthday gift as well.

    Jewelry organizer

    Jewelry organizerGirls and jewelry have an untold and unexplained bond which gets stronger with age. 18 is probably the age when your girl starts to explore the jewelry section and hence gifting her jewelry organizer is one of the best option for her 18th birthday. Jewelry organizers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and can be customized as well. Depending on her preferences and choices, give her this gift on her 18th birthday. This is one of the best 18th birthday gift you can get her.

    Designer Swarovski Crystal earrings

    Designer Swarovski Crystal earringsIf there is one gift option for girls that works equally for all ages, it is an elegant and beautiful piece of jewelry. Give your girlfriend a designer Swarovski crystal earring and she will literally treasure it for the rest of her life. Not only crystal earrings, rather you can also go for crystal pendants and necklaces. Crystal never goes off fashion and looks perfect with both Indian and western attires as well.

    Happy 18th Birthday magnet


    Happy 18th Birthday magnetGifts that are thoughtful and something that can stay that way forever is appreciated by everyone. For your girl’s 18th birthday, gift her customized magnets with a nice birthday message printed on it. In order to make it more romantic, you can put your pictures in the background. This magnet can be used by your girlfriend anywhere across her house and will always remind her of your love towards her. You can also check this list of unique birthday gift ideas.

    Romantic message in a bottle

    Romantic message in a bottle18 is the age when people start to take their lives more seriously. Especially girls in a relationship are in one of their most emotional spaces and a little expression of love from your side will brighten up her life beyond any limits. Write everything that you want to say to her on her special day and it will surely bring tears of joy in her eyes. This will be romantic birthday gift of the day. Don’t miss these romantic birthday gift ideas.

    Watch this video to find how to prepare for romantic message bottle:

    Baggit wallets and slings

    Baggit wallets and slings18 is the age when girls are finally out of their schools and they plan to either take up a job or go to college. In both cases, wallets and slings are a must have for every girl and there are lots of trendy and cool options for girls of age 18. Gift your girl one of these and she will have a piece of you with her even in case she has to move to another city for her education or job.

    Maybelline Instaglam Limited Edition Box

    Maybelline Instaglam Limited Edition BoxNow, this gift option is yet another idea which can never go wrong. Girls pick up the habit of dressing up right from a very young age and makeup is certainly an inseparable part of their everyday life. Invest in Maybelline Instaglam Limited Edition box consisting of various beauty products from Maybelline and your girlfriend is guaranteed to love this birthday present.

    Love You Forever photo frames

    Love You Forever photo framesLike we said, girls are extremely emotional beings and even a small gesture of love can brighten up their day. Buy Love You Forever photo frames and put a romantic picture of you and your girlfriend in it. It will most probably find a place right next to her bed and she will wake up looking at it. Nothing can work better.

    These are some of the best 18th birthday gifts for her. You can explore more options based on her personality and choices.

    So this were some of the 18th birthday gift ideas for her and also with some sources mentioned in between the article. I hope this was helpful to you.

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