1st birthday gift ideas that you must not miss

    Celebrating 1st birthday could be quite exciting for parents. It is a great moment which comes in a lifetime. I don’t remember what all my parents did on my 1st birthday, but yes I can guess what would be that moment when I see my 1st birthday gifts. These gifts simply says how my parents and relative people celebrated this day for me. I feel very good and sometimes I get overwhelmed with good emotions when I hold those little gifts in my hands.

    10 first birthday gift dieasSo gifts are very important part of the 1st birthday celebration. I don’t need to say why and how as you might have already understood the importance of first birthday gifts from my above experience.

    I know as a parent or relative to the baby, you are planning a lot of things to make this day special and memorable. You also might have got few gifts ideas as well, but it is always good to refer from the experienced one. So for you I have researched a lot on some 1st birthday gift ideas by asking different mothers who just celebrated their baby’s first birthday, also I dug into some online sources to find the best gift ideas. Here is the list of some of the best first birthday gift ideas for the baby.

    10 Perfect 1st birthday gift ideas

    Below you can find some of the best birthday present ideas for the baby. I found all these gifts to be good for the baby after a well research over some gifts. I hope you will also like these gifts ideas. We will check out this list below, but first we should understand what a 1 year old baby needs and how much he/she grown up.

    A 1 year old baby is quite grown up to crawl. He/she is now active and ready to play and learn things. After completing 365 days the baby now wants to explore different things and needs to crawl on around the floor and do something. Keeping all these things in mind I can suggest you some of the gift ideas. Here is the list of some of the gift ideas.

    Baby Toys

    After the baby completes 1 year he/she is now more active than before. He need something to do, he needs something to play. So at this situation we can think of some toys as gifts. Below you can find some of the toys with which baby will love to play, also he/she will learn different things from it which is very important for growth.

      • Nesting Toys

    1 Year old baby would love to play nesting toys. A baby learns a lot from nesting toys. These are very easy to play toys with which a baby can learn how to put one stuff under another. You can find different kinds and shapes of toys available in the market.

      • Blocks

    Babies loves to play with blocks as they really enjoy making and breaking things. Blocks toys are different set of blocks that are meant to be joined and make a new thing. Babies really enjoys playing with blocks. It sharpens their mind to think.

      • Bath toys

    A 1 year old baby will never want to be in contact with water or he/she hates going for a bath. A baby starts crying as soon as you take him/her to the bathroom for bath. What to do now? Bath toys can really engage baby in playing, so you can easily give a bath.

    A Drawing sketch/chalk board

    Gifting a drawing sketch board or chalk board is a nice 1st birthday gift idea as baby needs something to play with. You might have seen babies drawing anything on wall, sometimes it ruins the wall paint. So why not gift the board where he can draw what he feels like anything and everything. I know the baby might not now how to draw but they love rubbing the sketch against something. So it would be good option to gift a ketch/chalk board.

    A priceless gift for baby’s teenage

    A baby 365 days from the birth are amazing that no one can’t ignore to capture every single moment of the growing baby during these days, I am sure you too have good pictures of the baby. So why not to make a photo album out of those pictures of baby’s 1 year, that would make a great gift. It might not be useful now but after some year will pass, when the baby grown to his/her teen, then this gift will be priceless.

    Books to learn and understand

    A one year old baby cant read books but yes he can see the images and learn things. As I mentioned in the above part that a 1 year old baby needs things to learn and understand. So you can buy these books as a gift (with all animals, people, places pictures) .

    A memorable present

    You can buy a small little wrist band for the baby. I am telling you about a wrist band because I still have my first year gift with me, a wrist band ( that my mom gifted me.

    It might not be a great gift but after when some year will pass, it will be one of the best gift. As it will make the grown teenage feel how tinny or little he use to be in size.

    A gift for his/her needs

    A one year old baby must be grown up to a level where he/she can start semi solid foods. You might need to change his/her feeding items with the bowls, plate and cups. So you can Get a set of some feeding items to the baby as a gift.

    For the secure future

    All gifts are for present, for baby’s requirement and growth but what about his/her future. Do you have any plans for the baby for his/her future. If not, then you must think about it. His/her future needs to be secure. So why not a money savings account for the baby for his future. It would be smart gift for the baby for the future.

    These are some of the best 1st birthday gift ideas that you can consider for 1 year old baby. I hope these gifts make sense and you will like to pick few of these. You can even save these gifts for the baby, like my parents saved the gifts for me and I have those gifts with me till now.

    If you are interested to know some more birthday gifts ideas, then please use the comment section to leave your query or also you can discuss some of your ideas.

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