1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls you Must Try

    Are you planning out a special party for your baby girl on her first birthday, but you don’t have some good ideas? You don’t have any prior experience? In this case I can help you out, I will give you some amazing 1st birthday party ideas for girls. Here, you will find a some of the best ideas to try out on a girl’s first birthday, which is really a very special moment.

    To be born into this world is itself something special. A child turning one year old is fundamentally an event that holds much significance in the eyes of the parents. One that has gargled, gabbled, and giggled as a tiny figure fitting into their outstretched palms. And to suddenly see it complete 12 months of its living existence is something truly heartwarming and wonderful to them.

    In life, first comes only once and it is always wonderful. In this case it is the first birthday of a precious girl child. Not only will be monumental to the eyes of the parents, it will be a precious memory for the birthday girl as well JJ

    A little kid turning a year old will not be able to express her happiness, sadness and desires. She would like anything that is shiny, glitters or makes noise. So planning it need not be much harder. Make it simple and enjoyable!

    11 ideas you can try for a baby girl first birthday

    Lets make this birthday celebration simple, fun and entertaining. This day should be remembered and cherished for years. So keeping up all these things in mind I have prepared a list of some great 1st birthday party ideas for girls. Here are these ideas for you.


    First and Foremost – Camera/Camcorder

    Any event or party would become incomplete if it is not captured. The celebration of the birthday itself is a show of happiness. But capturing it doubles the joy. Even after many years, these precious moments can be looked back upon and will be cherished. When she will grow up, these moments matters a lot to her.

    Invite the close friends and family!

    Always the child at this age is scared of people let it be men or women, except her parents. So invite only people who are close enough like friends and family. Never invite too many people so as to make her, feel free and enjoy the occasion.

    Seeing too many strange faces would probably make her annoyed. Being the first birthday party of her life, let it be in the way only to make her feel good in all the ways.

    Theme oriented celebration

    The house can be decorated based on any specific theme selected and decors like stickers, balloons, posters, banners, etc., can also be used in the celebration to make it look more grandeur. Either stick to a theme or do anything that can make your girl happy this day. Stick all those things on walls that fascinate her. After all it’s her day.

    First birthday gifts

    A birthday celebration is incomplete without gifts and when it is a special occasion of celebrating 1st birthday of baby, it’s worth of a lifetime. You must plan out some gifts for her first birthday. These gifts are really cherish able all over life. Image how she will feel when she will be eighteen and looking over all her gifts. It will be really a touchy moment for her.

    Celebrate with a birthday cake

    The amounts and varieties of cakes available nowadays are mind boggling! Pick one with the color and texture which you feel will be better liked and appreciated by one’s little princess!

    Type of cake can also be selected based on the party theme.

    Replicate animated characters

    Cartoon characters generally impress babies. So the use of animated characters in the celebration could make the 1 year old baby, even happier, as she recognizes a face, that she has been familiarized with various cartoons she’s been exposed to.

    Some of them include Winnie the Pooh, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Flintstone, Popeye, etc.

    An invitation that would fascinate the birthday girl

    Many Invitation choices are available even with respect to age groups. The invitation should be in such a way that it would make the birthday girl laugh and make her feel happy.

    Why not Dance/Music!!

    One can arrange for dance/music after the birthday party. Such things would get a way of happiness and laughter for the little girl. You can capture all these moments in pictures and videos.

    Venue Plays a Role

    Arrange a venue, which matches the mood. It should be a girlish venue where everyone can have a feel of attending the birthday party of a girl child. Foremost, the baby should feel lively and enjoyable.

    Games for kids

    Arrange some games for the guest and encourage them to play and have fun. But take care to select games that are enjoyable by kids. Musical chair is all time favorite and can be enjoyed by any age group. You can hold your baby in your hand and make her enjoy the game too.

    FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!

    Plan for Musical rocking chair, wooden horse ride, etc., in any celebration, fun and joy are the key things, to make it cherish able.

    Celebrations are always one of the greatest moment in one’s life.

    A baby who was carried in arms till then, is able to lift her foot and walk on her own. Real happiness, it is! Always make it big. Make it eventful. Make it something worth remembering.

    Finally, this was it, I gave my hard efforts to give you few first birthday party gift ideas that you can try out. I hope these ideas will work out for you.


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