Perfect 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

    Turning 40 is an experience in itself as by then the person is more or less set in their ways and you can make it even more special for your loved ones by gifting them a gift which they will cherish throughout their life. When it comes to women there are many gifts which you can gift her on her 40th birthday, but the trouble arises when you have to pick the gift which will be best suitable for the occasion. The following are some of the 40th Birthday gift Ideas for Women:

    10 Best 40th birthday gifts for women

    40th birthday gift ideas for mom

    These are some gifts that any woman would love to have from someone special. So pick anyone from the list and make the best celebrations.

    Funny Tops

    A perfect gift your lady friend who turned Forty. A funny message on a top or T-shirt saying that I am 18 but with 22 years of experience or Limited edition since 1974 would be just apt for you all buddies to share a laugh. Find some more funny gift ideas.


    I am sure by now all of you must have understood that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. So in case you have a big budget, but don’t have enough time then you can get a solitaire ring and write a personalized note like" a sparkling rock for the rock star of my life". This could be one of the best 40th birthday gift for a woman

    Personalized albums

    Suppose you are gifting your wife, mom or any lady who’s been close to you since many years, then you can collect all the photographs of her past journey and make an album out of it. Make sure to add some tag lines for every picture and also add some of the funny snaps too. Believe me, Personalized gifts are more valuable than any gift.

    Vintage Wine

    As we all know wine is famous as a woman’s drink and if your lady has great affinity towards vintage wines, then you can get her a bottle of the oldest vintage wine which I am sure she’s going to treasure for a long period. Drinking with any interesting lady can be moment of your life too.


    In today’s world women have also become as technologically savvy as the men. So if you know that your special lady is fairly into gadgets then all you got to do is figure out their favorite brand and you can gift her latest gadget of that brand. The best thing about gadgets is that they become old quite soon so even if she has a gadget of the same brand, chances are she won’t be having the latest model! And choices can vary from I-Pad to latest mobile with a style statement or the laptop cum notes in the market.

    Pashmina Shawl

    Pashmina Shawls are now world acclaimed. It provides a classy look and shows a grandeur in your look. Any lady would take it as a prized possession and love to flaunt it. A very costly option but she is definitely going to love it.

    Statement Necklace

    This is one of a very unique product you can get her and she will fall flat for it. Statement Necklaces these days are in rage. They are specially designed as per taste and personality of the ladies. You can specially get it designed for her, to give that perfect touch to the occasion.

    Spa Treatment

    Everybody loves pampering so a gift voucher or a membership at a spa salon is also great as the 40th Birthday gift Idea for women. This gesture will make her realize that you have made the best efforts to pamper her!

    Home Décor

    By this time, at age of 40, she is definitely owner of a house. All ladies love their possessed home. They are very much emotionally attached to their home and love to decorate it. So give her something that can make her home exclusive. This will make her feel special.


    See if the woman in your life may be your mother, wife or sister is a book lover. Books have many niches. Some love romance, suspense or motivation. Just inquire about her interest and get her that book, specially covered with a tag line of love and see the happiness in her eyes.

    Apart from all this remember even a heartfelt hug or sincere thanks will also make her feel equally special because women are emotional creatures and for them it will always be the gesture which will count. Definitely, what counts is the emotions attached to any gift for her. So make her feel special and loved.

    Make a great celebration with these gift ideas. I tried my best to you give all of these 40th birthday gift ideas for women, hope you have liked few of these ideas and would pick few out of these. You can get some more gift ideas, for this you can discuss with us in the comment section below or you can also mail as.

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