7 Perfect gifts for a boy’s 1st Birthday

    The first birthday of a child is always more of a celebration for the parents rather than the child himself. After all the hard times that the parents have successfully surpassed, it is finally the time when they can sit back and take a look at the challenging times that they have overcome as well as the happy times that is still lying ahead of them. Another challenge is for the people to decide on the first birthday gift ideas for boys. In order to make it easier for you, here are a few birthday gift options for boys celebrating their first birthday.

    Best first birthday gifts for boys

    First birthday is an occasion of celebration, celebration of completing one year in this world. So an occasion which needs to be celebrated in the best way to make it memorable for years. Gifts are the best part of 1st birthday celebration as they can be saved as memories for years. So today I thought to share some perfect 1st birthday gift ideas for boys. These gifts are based on few very important things i.e learning, fun, enjoy and exploring different things. So these gifts are really useful and needy for the baby growth.

    First birthday gift ideas for boys

    Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench

    Early Melodies Pound and Tap BenchThe first few years in a child’s life are the time when he starts to learn as well as recognize different noises. First it is the parents whom the child recognizes and then comes the other voices around him. Gifting a young child the Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench is a great way of making them aware of the various melodies and voices that will not only keep them busy, rather it will also be a great source of learning for them. This bench produces different melodies and voices every time the kid taps on it. I think this is one the best first birthday gift for boys. Here are few learning birthday gift ideas for one year old babies.

    Prehistoric Animals

    Prehistoric AnimalsEspecially designed for one year olds, the prehistoric animal is a set of toys that consist of some of the prehistoric creatures. The various animals in this set are made from sustainable material and are hence safe for your one year old boy to play and carry around with him all the time. These toys also comes in bright colors, hence it is also a great source of attraction for the babies.

    Train Puzzle Step Stool

    Train Puzzle Step StoolDuring the initial years of a child’s life, he learns to walk and eat on his own. How about a stool which not only helps them in taking a support while standing up on their own, rather it also gives them an opportunity to learn. This stool consists of various train puzzles pieces and the child can have great fun by arranging them on his own.

    Laugh & Learn Play Puppy

    Play toyThis is yet another thoughtful gift idea for a one year old boy. The Laugh & Learn Play Puppy is a colorful puppy with his each body part in a different color. For instance, the legs, hands, ears and every other body part is of a different color and the name of that body part is also written on them. Apart from just playing with the soft toy, you can use this puppy to teach your kid once you feel that he is big enough to memorize them.

    Leapfrog Animal Adventure Learning Table

    Leapfrog Animal Adventure Learning TableThis adventure learning table is a colorful table with different animals and numbers being written on it. Your one year old boy should be able to stand along this table by holding it first and slowing he may start to press on all the animal shapes and numbers. On pressing these shapes, the voice which that animal makes comes out and they will also learn how to pronounce the numbers. This is really a perfect learning stuff for an one year of baby.

    Dump Trucks, Tractors, School Buses

    Dump Trucks, Tractors, School BusesSmall kids, especially boys have an affinity with trucks, tractors, cars and other such toys. Buy the child one of these gifts for his first birthday and he will surely have a great time playing with them. These toys are available in various sizes, colors and designs. Make sure to pick a design that does not have pointy ends so that the child is not harmed while handling them on his own.

    Geometric Stacker

    Geometric StackerThis is probably one gift that every one year old kid out there must have. The geometric stacker is a gift that consists of colorful geometric shapes and designs in various sizes. You can teach your kid a lot about different shapes and colors using this gift. Not only this, eventually your child will also learn how to stack them one on top of another on the basis of their size.

    This is the first birthday you are celebrating for your baby son or may be your friend’s son, or may be nephew, it doesn’t matter, what matter is that this is the first birthday of new born baby who has completed one year in this world. So it is a very precious occasion so make it memorable and special. You can do this by gifting some very nice gifts to the baby boy. I have shared these 1st birthday gift ideas for boys, I hope this list will help you pick some gift out of it. Although, there are plenty of other options to explore as well, but this was my suggestions that I thought i should share with you. Anyways make this occasion memorable and don’t forget to save these beautiful moments on snaps. Winking smile

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