7 Reminders of 18th Birthday Party Ideas

    Excited to plan out 18th birthday of someone close to you or you might be planning out your own birthday party? Impatient to find some of the amazing 18th birthday party ideas to make this day awesome? Let me assist you. Here my job is to help you out and give my best guidance to you on different party ideas of 18th birthday.


    Celebrating 18th birthday is the most exciting thing as you complete your teenage on this figure. There are lots of good and bad experiences one have in the teenage. These all experiences, fun joy and hard growing phase comes to an end. LOL don’t get me wrong, I mean you leave all these things behind to enter more exciting world with many new things that you might not have experienced before. i.e college life, new friends, more matured, studies, parties, adult phase etc.. and the best part is you get your driving license.Be right back

    My point of putting these real facts about a newly adult is because so that you can get a big picture of a new adult life and when you understand all these things, then comes some good suitable ideas in mind. Anyways I think now you can bring out some good birthday party ideas on your own on basis of it, but first have a look on some great 18th birthday party ideas that I have for you. These ideas will open your mind for more ideas.

    Best party ideas for 18th birthday

    Below you can read some great ideas that will help you out making this day memorable. Generally I don’t recommend people to plan out a party in a loud sense, but in case of 18th birthday, I would say Do it!. So these party ideas are loud, fun and exciting. As I said if you are looking for party ideas for yourself or any other, then this list will help you out.

    My experience of 18th birthday party

    So let me start it with my own experience of attending an 18th birthday party of my cousin. It was great experience attending an 18th birthday party as it is really so much exciting things I did. My cousin completed his 18th birthday 3 months back, he organized a very amazing party where all his friends, family members and relatives were invited. For young people of his age group there has different party theme and celebrations. He has booked a big hall and attached long garden. So hall was for matured people and garden was for young guys and girls. He arranged tent house in the garden with a separate place to dance and have fun, there was separate place where everyone can play games. The best thing I liked about this party was the theme for youngies and the theme was “Vampire 18". Everybody was dressed up like a vampire that was really very unique concept. It was great experience attending the party.

    So this was my experience of 18th birthday party and this experience forced me to share some good ideas for the party. Let us see what are these ideas:

    No fun without dance and music

    I must say an 18th birthday party is not happening without dance and music. So if you are partying at home or booking a place, make sure that you have a separate place for dance and music. It really gives a good environment of celebrations. If you have a theme for the party, then you can play a music according to the theme.

    Give it a theme

    So as I narrated my cousin’s 18th birthday experience of vampire theme. The same way you can choose some amazing theme for the party. This will be very exciting and adventures, specially for youngies.

    Organize for some games

    You can plan out some games for the occasion to add up some more fun to the party. This will engage the guests in the celebration.

    Surprise for the excitement

    A birthday party is not that fun without surprises. So if you are planning out the party for someone, then also prepare for surprise for him/her. If you are planning out a party for your birthday, then plan out a surprise for the guest. Surprises ads more excitement to the party.

    Cake for the young adult

    A cake cutting ceremony is very important part of any birthday celebration. So it should be given more importance. An 18th birthday is a open gate to a new world of adults, so this birthday should be celebrated in a very special way and to make this happen make use of cake. Decorate the cake in a very unique way. Here are few ideas:

    • Print a collage of every year’s birthday pictures till 18th, on the cake. It will be really an amazing moment to have that cake in the celebrations.
    • 18 floor cake? How is it? I know it will be fabulous cake ever. Buy a cake of 18th floor from the cake store, you can customize in your own way by discussing with the cake store employee.
    • You can decorate the cake with 18 unique candles.

    18th birthday party environment – Decorations

    • Its 18th birthday and it should be memorable. Decorate the walls of the room with each birthday picture till 18th birthday, that will look awesome.
    • You can decorate the room or the place according to the theme of the party.
    • At the door from where guest will enter, you can put a “18th birthday welcome" board.
    • Fill the room with big balloons and specially “18th birthday" shaped balloons.

    18th Birthday Gifts

    Can you imagine a birthday without gifts? No. A birthday is incomplete without sharing the gifts. So if you are planning the party for someone, then also plan out a list of some amazing gift ideas and if you planning out the party for yourself, then prepare a list of thank you gifts.

    Final Reminder

    So these were few reminders for 18th birthday party ideas for you. My motive of sharing these ideas and my experience was not to force you or tell you to do these things only, but the main motive was to open your mind to make your own ideas out of these ideas. I hope you have liked few ideas out of this list. If you want some more specific ideas then please share your queries in the comment section.

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