7 Unique Birthday Gifts For Him


    Finally, your boyfriend’s birthday is on a roll and you are excited yet confused what to gift. You almost gifted everything in last some of his birthday. So now you are planning for some unique birthday gifts for him. The only problem is that you are running out of some good ideas. You are not able to think beyond all those universal/common gifts. I know this happens with everybody when it comes to selecting gifts.

    Unique gifts for him

    At this moment you want someone to help you suggest some of the ideas. For this, I am here to help you out. I understand your situation and will try my best to find you some of the greatest birthday gifts yet unique.

    A birthday celebration is incomplete without gifts. We usually present a gift to our close friends and relatives in a very common way. Flowers, chocolate, cake are some of the universal gifts that generally we think of for a birthday celebration. But, don’t worry here you will not find all those universal kinds of gifts.

    7 Unique and creative gift ideas to make him surprise

    Here you will find some of the very unique ideas for birthday gifts for him. Let me tell you these gifts ideas are specially for girls or women who are looking for gifts for boyfriend or husband. Although some of the ideas can fit for your brother , friend or best friend as they can be gifted to any man.

    Underwear with a written message

    This is one of the very unique and creative idea to gift underwear with a written message. You might be thinking what nonsense is this, but believe me this will definitely impress him and make him smile. I am sure about it because my girlfriend also gifted me an underwear with a written message with a markerWinking smile.

    Actually, she gifted me a bag with full of gifts. So, I was looking for gifts one by one and opening them. Suddenly my eyes rolled over and found this white underwear with a message that was really funny with an impressing message that I would keep secret with me now. I thought to share that picture of that gift here but the message is really little personal to share.

    So the idea is to write a personal, naughty, touchy or any kind of message on a underwear and gift wrap with other gifts. You can do it in a same way my girlfriend did, believe me it is really an unusual gift for a men to get it from her love.

    A watch that runs on pulses

    You can gift a watch that runs without cells, all it needs to run is your pulses. That means, it only runs when somebody wear it on the wrist. You can find these watches in any gadget or accessories stores . Gift this watch to him and say that this watch is like me that can only live when it is in touch with you. Believe me when you will say this to him, he will get impressed and at the same time he will also get touched.

    I think this is a very unique and romantic way to present a watch to him. You can also check out few more romantic gifts like the above.

    Wallet with an attached diary

    I know you might be thinking a wallet is a very common gift to present. But, let me make it unique idea out of it. Find out a wallet with an attached small diary from any store or market. Write a motivational or caring message for him in the diary that will help him in his bad days or not so good situations. Gift this to him and tell him to always keep it with you and open the diary when you feel low, it will always motivate you and make you smile.

    A gift to keep up his energy level – Energy Bracelet

    You can call it body balance bracelet, power balance bracelet, energy bracelet. Basically, this is a wrist band which looks trendy, normal in shape and look. But, it has a lot more to do. It is designed with an inbuilt small machine which works on balancing the energy of body for the whole day. It uses a mechanism to provide energy to the body to make a balance of energy. It makes you active all the day and also it gives a nice look to your wrist. You might have seen Hollywood stars, sports player wearing this kind of bracelets.

    You can read more about power balance bracelets – Here

    So, I think it is a very unique idea to gift, also it will be very useful. A good thing about this bracelet is that it won’t cost you much.

    A celebration with Champagne or wine

    Many guys love champagne or wine, so it is a nice idea to gift a good expensive champagne or wine set to him. It is a unique idea and he will definitely love to have it. You can wrap it in a very attractive ribbon that will look good. So, he can also open the champagne for the day, celebrating it with you.

    A mug that will definitely love to have

    You can gift a coffee mug with a printed picture and some messages you want to convey to him, this makes it a nice personalized gift. This is one of the best birthday gifts, reason being, it is a thing that comes with daily use. So, everyday your boyfriend or husband will have coffee in the same coffee mug and will see the pictures and messages you have printed. I have gifted it to my girlfriend and she tells me that each and every day she loves me more when she have that coffee mug in hand and read all those messages that I have printed for her Be right back.

    Gift a hobby stuff

    Everybody has some hobby, I am sure your boyfriend or husband also must be having some hobbies. You need to think about it and present a gift according to it. Sounds confusing? Ok, let me tell you what I mean by that. Suppose, your boyfriend/husband like to workout in the gym, then you can gift something related to it, such as Protein box. If your boyfriend/husband like music instruments to play, then you can gift a music instrument like Guitar, Casio etc.. He will be very happy to have this kind of gift which is related to his hobbies.

    So, these are some of the unique ideas for birthday gift for him. Hope, you might have got some ideas, what all you can gift. You can try any of these gifts without any doubt as these gifts will never make you regret. If you want to discuss more about some more unique gifts, feel free to comment below in the comment section or if you like the ideas mentioned above, please share it with friends by using the social sharing button mentioned below.

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