Perfect 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

    Today I thought of helping people who are looking for some good 70th birthday gift ideas for dad. Here I am going to share few selective gift ideas that can make this occasion special and memorable.

    You have been lucky for years to be blessed with all good and happiness. This was possible because your father worked for day and night, sacrificed his own happiness for your pleasures. 70 is an age where your father has been retired from all responsibilities, making you capable for handling it. He still is happy in what you are achieving. Take some time wishing your old father a happy birthday and thanking them for your happiness. Selecting 70th birthday gift ideas for dad is also going to be an emotional moment for you. You can even read my experience of gifting my dad for his birthday, may be you get some ideas from there also.

    List of 70th birthday gift ideas for dad

    70th birthday gift ideas for dad

    I made a list of few gift ideas that I believe are for the occasion. At age of 70 a man might not have any big wishes, rather he would love things that are needful, simple and valuable. So keeping this in mind, I came up with few good ideas. I researched over few gift sources to find the best selective gifts. So here is the list of 70th birthday gift ideas for dad, just have a look and believe me you can pick these gifts for your dad’s birthday.

    Table top radioTable top radio

    It’s quite common to see your old parents doing a list of time crashing things which include gardening to repairing old gadgets or covering your children’s books. If a movable radio or a table top radio adds to their work; it would be an ease as well as fun with the servitude. Also it is found that that music adds more happiness to the lives of people and their surroundings. Find more such kind of gifts for your dad.

    Personalized tie

    Personalized tieThis could be either photo collage or a simple one as per the taste of your father. A tie is considered as a status for any event an any men would adore this gift whether he be twenty or seventy. He would love it more if you are helping him to wear it. He can wear this tie in family functions or social events. Here are few more personalized gift ideas for him.

    Electric hot water bottle pillow

    Electric hot water bottle pillowIt is one of the very inexpensive gift, but for sure the most useful one. 60 and above is an age where most people complain of normal body pain or soreness. This bag contains sealed water that stays warm for a couple of hours once charged. This would give them relief for the whole night without getting bothered by the annoying cords of heating pads. So care your father for their smallest requirements.

    A collection of spiritual books

    A collection of spiritual booksPick the books that are game changers not only for your father but also you. He would be interested in reading a book that teaches you to have faith and continues to be a source of inspiration to himself, you and your children. It may also prove a great source for utilizing his precious time.

    Relax chair

    Relax chairThe very recent relax chairs available in market are zero gravity chairs that elevate your feet to the same level as your heart. This minimizes the stress on the spine as well as helping in getting rid from the complaint of back pain. This would be the major requirement for the father for his health and body. I think this is one of the best 70th birthday gift ideas for dad.

    Self-filling built in coffee maker

    Self-filling built in coffee makerIts is an electric coffee maker and totally automatic where you just need to add water. Your father won’t be any more dependent on you for his coffee. It also includes stainless steel carafe having a capacity of ten to twelve cups and would keep the coffee hot for hours.

    Digital blood-pressure measuring device

    Digital blood-pressure measuring deviceToday, every physician and health care recommends using home blood pressure monitoring device to be constantly aware of the bottom line indicator about your overall health. It also provides the flexibility of measuring the blood pressure at any interval of time. At this age masked hypertension or white coat hypertension is very common, gifting this device to your father will show him how much you care for him.

    Comfortable Hipster shoes

    Comfortable Hipster shoesThis would be the primary requirement of your father when he wakes up for a morning walk. The foot is more vulnerable to environmental hazards as it contains more bones than any part of the body, so a proper care and comfort is required which can be provided through good quality shoes.

    Common gifts

    In addition, you could also gift a collection of old songs CD or collection of old coins, he would love it. Or give a digital frame rejuvenating old memories. Undoubtedly these are common ones, but still everlasting gifts.

    Your father loves you a lot. This is a simple effort to return them back a small percentage of their care and affection. Make the best birthday through best gifts. This “70th birthday gift ideas for dad” in this list are just the suggestions and not emotions. You can find many more gift ideas on your own, just think about three things that are needful, simple and valuable.

    So this was it, I hope you liked these ten best 70th birthday gift ideas for dad. You can pick any of the gifts to make his day memorable and special. If you can want more gift ideas than please feel to discuss with us.

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