8 Best Things you can Present a Teenage guy for his Birthday

    Teenage is the turning point of life; defining new facets, orientations and of course personality traits in life of the child. The change is so dominant that we notice it through well marked characteristics that surely differ from boy to girl. The ‘guy’ gets born out of a boy and there are aggressions, dominations and the sort; broadly something we like to call as ‘colt behavior’ driven by testosterone surges. It is definitely held as adoration in self by the teenager guy. Well surely then you have to be very choosy; particularly looking out for teenage guys ‘dream’ gift. The word dream really matters here, for it is the new invention of this age and is almost cherished as a fancy by the teenage guy!

    Here is a list of resonant birthday gift ideas for teenage guy

    Down below I have share some of the presents that you can gift any teenage guy, they will love these gifts. These birthday gifts are not much expensive so if you have low budget then still you can get these gifts. What can be better than getting some good gift under budget. Smile

    teenage birthday gift ideas

    Urban road skates

    Now these are surely linked to the intrinsic changes that are fast evolving in your guy. The testosterone waves have something to deliver; these are aggression, spill overs, optimizations and of course adventure pursuits! The skates deliver them the required package, especially the adventure. This is really a cool stuff you can get any guy.

    A young teenage guy loves poster

    Room posters are something for which the teenage guys develop a nascent passion and hold that charm till their 30s; sometimes for life! But what should be in the poster? This question is real. On the safer side you can go for sports car poster – Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati or the like. Don’t take the brand for granted; it does matter here! You can also go far a Harley Davidson’ engine close up. Start with these options and your smart guy will automatically transition to the posters of beauties and bikinis in the years to unfold. You can explore some more such kind of gifts for guys.

    Dumbbell weights

    The teenage guy really wonders about the changes in his body and takes pride in the masculinity traits that become now prominent in him. Without fail, all the guys develop passion and craze for body building and it is for real; the high T profiles support the muscle growth. You can surely go for dumbbell weights which are labeled as one of the prominent gifts for the teenage boys.

    A full ride bicycle

    This may sound obsolete in this tech driven age where guys want to remain busy at their screens but an adult bike surely instills a sense of ‘self’ in the newly born guy! The bare recognition that he is grown up now makes his mind resonate with his new identity. He will surely look at his old children bike as something left back; ‘time to move forward now’, he relishes this thought!


    Truly a guy thing! Well you may again wonder that a teenager could not be so wealthy a person in him! But he surely likes to be so…one day. When a wallet is gifted to him it brings him much closer to this cherished fancy and he feels great and something like achieved or so. You will find the smile on his face. However, don’t give him too much of money.

    A gift for a smart learning guy

    Laptop is a personal fancy in today’s smart age and the guy wants one as early as possible! Gift a frontline branded laptop and it will definitely bring cheers on the face of teenage birthday guy.

    Gift a pen

    This is a simple and great icon of personal fancy and has not lost its sheen till age. Pen has been considered as an element that resonates with ambition fancies that a guy usually develops in his early teenage and receiving it as a gift from the elders especially establishes that ‘connect’. He feels the road ahead to success and life glory. A branded pen is almost adored by the teenage guy. You can go for some like Mont Blanc or Parker or the like.

    Why not a T-shirt

    A stylish tee is a great option and makes the teenager feel included in the big boys’ matrix. He simply yearns for that inclusion and so you can go for it. However, keep the latest trend in mind while picking one for your guy! Look out for one with iconic Che print on it or you can also have some pulling slogan on it.

    Well if your guy is a creative and sophisticated one, get a bonsai or aquarium placed in his room and make him happy!

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