15 Best Homemade Gift Ideas

    No matter what, its an occasion of birthday or any other occasion people loves receiving gifts. But to give a gift to someone, requires considerable amount of thought. If you can give a personal touch to the gifts then not only the receiving person will adore the gesture, but it will also make you look as a very thoughtful person. You can also make these gifts at home and this kind of gesture will always be cherished by the person receiving the gift. The following are few of these homemade gift ideas:

    Gifts you can make at home – Gift list

    Homemade gift ideas

    You can come up with thousands of homemade gift ideas in any category whether it is food stuff, Crafting, personalizing gifts, etc.. There are thousands of things you can make at home, here I am sharing few ideas that are easy to make at home. Let’s have look at these amazing homemade gift ideas.

    Mirror in the box

    This is one of the best gift ideas as it is not at all expensive and is very easy to make. All you need is, decorated box or if you have plain box, then decorate it with ribbons, fancy paper etc. On top of the box write a note in bold that “The picture in this box is that of a person who is the most special to me". After this stick a mirror inside the box placed at its bottom. Your gift is ready and I am sure that your loved one will be more than delighted to be gifted with such a thoughtful gift.

    Aroma filled Jars

    In a jar takes any of your favorite smelling potpourris and some fake autumn leaves them, then add a battery operated tea light in it. At nights switch off all the lights and this jar will glow spreading the warm aroma of the scented potpourri.

    Homemade cookies

    My mouth is filled with water thinking about homemade cookies, I am sure you also got excited about it. Homemade cookies is one of a kind that I would prefer to have as a gift because I love it so muchBe right back. I am sure many people love cookies, so if you want to gift some homemade stuff to someone, then go for cookies. I can surely say it is one of the sweetest homemade gift you can give anyone.


    If the person for whom you are planning to make a gift is an ardent book reader then you can make a bookmark for them as all book lovers’ love collecting bookmarks and can never have enough of them. All you need is stiff green color paper cut in six circular shapes. Then stick them to each other like the body of a worm and then draw the eyes of the bug on the first circle. You can then write a word like READ, each letter is written on each of the left over five circular shapes.


    No matter what everyone cannot remember everything so you can gift a handmade chalk board. For this you need an old cupboard door or buy it from local stores. Cut this into the size of a small chalk board then paint it with the chalkboard color. Once done, you can use it as a chalkboard.

    Compact Disk

    Make a CD of the favorite songs of the person for whom you are preparing the gift. This is one of the cheapest and the simplest gifts but the person receiving it will surely love it.

    Fancy Mouse pad

    Nowadays computers have become a necessity so you can make a creative mouse pad. So all you need it foam which is glued with the non-slip shelf liner. Cut it into the size and shape which you want and you will get one of the most unique mouse pad.

    Non-slippery socks

    This is one of the many considerable gift ideas. All you need is a heavy sock and dimensional paint. On the bottom side of the sock make design with this dimensional paint after it gets dried you will get non slippery socks for your slippers!

    Hand printed Canvas bag

    This is very easy to make and also a very thoughtful gesture for your loved one. Take a canvas tote bag and apply fabric paint on your hand and make an impression of this colorful hand on the bag. You can also use fabric paint to write personalized messages on the bag.

    Hand Painted pot

    For this you will require a pot, paint and buttons of big size. Start by painting the entire pot with your favorite color. Once the paint dries, then glue buttons all over the pot so that it gives a fancy polka dot design.

    A decorative CAN for your accessories

    Use a thoroughly washed and completely dried nut can for this gift. Then cover the entire can with fancy fabric by using white glue to make it stick to the surface of the Can. Then tie a fancy ribbon around the can and your gift is ready.

    Photos on Apron

    For this creative gift you will require a light colored apron which is pre washed and Iron on transfer printer sheets. Load the iron on transfer sheets and print the photo which you want to be printed on the apron. Then iron this photo on the apron and you are ready with a very personalized gift for your loved one. This is really one of a coolest homemade gift idea that you will to try out.Winking smile

    A funky pen stand

    For this all you need is a clean and dry baby food jar and make any design with the help of hot glue on the surface of the jar. Let it cool and then paint the entire jar with the color you like. The design you painted will be embossed on the jar which is now converted into a funky pen stand.

    Personalized gifts – Homemade

    I know many of you would be thinking that above mentioned ideas are not easy into practice, but believe me they are easiest homemade stuff you can get into gifts. You can make these gifts at home very easily, but still if you are not interested then personalizing or customizing readymade stuff is the easiest way out for you. All you have to do buy some stuff from any store or purchase it online, then customize it in your own way to give a personal touch. You can use some personal pictures, messages, quotes or any personal stuff to make a very nice personalized gifts.

    I agree gifting someone is a task, but with a little bit of thought and consideration on your part might actually create wonderful things. We all know that it is not the gift but the gesture that counts, so if you can make any of these above mentioned simple homemade gifts I guarantee that your loved will not stop smiling for quite sometime!

    You can find some beautiful pins over Pinterest all collections of some great home gift ideas, here you can find.

    They are such amazing, cheerful, beautiful gift ideas that you will love to try at home. I am really hoping that this list of all kind of homemade gift ideas have helped you to pick up your own idea amongst these. For anything related to homemade gifts you want to ask, just leave by your comment in the comment section, we will connect ASAP to discuss with you.

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