10 Suitable Gifts for Coworker’s Birthday

    Work colleagues are the intrinsic part of every working person because for the greater part of our waking life we remain in their company, make plans with them and execute the same in fine consonances. We celebrate together the successes and deliberate upon the failures. When some informal occasion like the birthday of coworker falls on a particular date then taking some time out to celebrate the same in office ambience is a cherished moment for all. Gifts also form the part of such celebration. Here is as list of the most resonant birthday gift ideas for coworkers.

    Birthday gifts you can get your coworker friend

    Birthday gifts for coworkers

    Desk designation display

    This could be one of the best options as for birthday occasion, reminiscent of the success that the person has achieved. A modern or brass engraved desk designation would be good to cheer up the birthday person. This should be presented by the staff head on behalf of the whole staff.

    Wall decoration

    This could be contrastingly an informal type as compared to the earlier one. Make out a custom tailored expression of the personality of the birthday person. It could read out any lively metaphor or funny description of consonance in favor of the person. Choose it such that it could be placed at his desk or the wall of his room.

    A silver tip pen

    A fine silver tip pen would speak out the status and caliber of the birthday person. A pen always has remained an intrinsic object of the executive desk and when someone is gifted one then it emerges out as symbolic of authority that the incumbent (whose birthday is being celebrated) holds in the office. Choose upon a good brand that can well resonate with the personality of the individual who would love to sign the documents at his/her desk as an authority with it.

    A newly styled designation card

    This again could be one of the best gifts that would remind the colleagues of the refined designation that the person holds. While he/she may be possessing these already, the newly styled ones would definitely offer liveliness into the work of the incumbent. Remember that fun & cheer should always accompany the gifting of the formal icons or decorations like designation cards, designation plates or the like as this would complement the occasion beautifully well.

    A PDA/Smart phone

    Pool in the resources as a staff to buy some quality smart phone or PDA/personal digital assistant. In the modern tech savvy world, this would be a great option for the birthday person. If you have shared a thought with the coworker recently in the past where he/she revealed the inclination of changing the phone, then this could be good choice. A gift of real utility, this would also allow the person to efficiently arrange the works of his/her desk.

    A chocolate and vanilla gift basket

    While arranging the birthday celebration of coworker at some eatery or bakery, get prepared a food delights’ gift basket which is full of chocolates, colorful vanilla chops, cakes and caramel toffees. This could be takeaway gift for him/her that would definitely be cherished. A more authentic type caned basket or a modern pack would be great with a gift card placed atop.

    A desk paper weight

    An artistic paper weight of transparent glass with some visual delight inside could be the best option by an individual coworker for the celebrated person. He/she would love to add it as a desk icon. This can be best if you have chose to gift as solo from your side and not by contributing as a staff.

    A vacation by the management

    This could be a grand gift by the official management of the firm. Fine and high caliber work deliveries of the birthday person could be aptly honored through such a gift. This would be best presented as a surprise so that the birthday man or woman drives home a holiday package for his/her family. Such package should start only after a week so that the person gets some time to make preparations.

    A customized drafting pad

    A customized drafting pad would reflect the significance of the individual in the organization. Employ your creative skills when you decide upon what to get in the background of the leaflets of the drafting pad. It could be his/her name with an inspirational wish, or it could also be his/her photograph at work desk that any one of the colleagues has clicked in the past.

    A surprise party

    Plan a surprise ‘in house’ birthday party with necessary arrangements like cakes and the like. This would be real fun! While this has become a norm of the corporate work culture around the world, you should always try to make the occasion livelier and somewhat special; try your wits!

    A cosmetic kit

    This would be truly a cheered gift if the birthday coworker is a young lady. Make her happy with the best collection. The definitive aspect could be that if the cosmetic kit is handy and portable enough to slip into her handbag. This would allow her to remain glam shiny any time on the go. You know ladies always scout the market for such a set; however just don’t you stumble upon an inferior one as quality always does matter when it comes to beauty products and finesse.

    A wallet/hand bag

    Choose to gift an authentic leather wallet if the coworker is a male and you could decide upon a glamorous handbag if a female coworker’s birthday is the occasion. He/she would love to carry the earnings at his/her credit in that. Some personalized touch, if you can arrange, would be great. For this find out a vendor who offers real time signature services like the getting the name and designation engraved on the leather wallet or the handbag. You can also decide upon a birthday wish to be printed on it.

    These are some perfect birthday gifting choices for the coworker. I hope these gift ideas helped you.

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