Top 10 Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend

    What to gift your boyfriend for his birthday? what to plan out for this occasion? Some birthday ideas for boyfriend? How to Plan ? what to do? Confused about all these things? Don’t be, as today I am going to help out you with all the things that can make him special and this day memorable.

    Being in love is a feeling to be cherished. You wake up with him in your thoughts and the last thing before sleeping are also thoughts of him and, to sleep wishing to dream of him. When a person so special has his special day, he deserves nothing but the best. You have to make him feel special. So how would you go about it? You can explore a long list of Birthday ideas for boyfriend.

    First, you have to decide, do you want to be together, all by yourselves or throw a surprise party with his close buddies. They surely can be great company and fun.

    If you want to celebrate just the two of you then you have to keep many things in mind. Personally you will have to plan in advance for him.You need not give him the detail of the celebrations only he has to await his special surprise.

    Birthday plans and ideas for your boyfriend

    birthday ideas for boyfriend

    Cake and Gift

    A birthday celebration is incomplete without a cake and gifts. So arrange for the cake and gifts in advance to be delivered so he does not even get a sniff of the party. You can find a lot of gift ideas for your boyfriend

    Day out together

    How romantic it would be to spend a day at some romantic beach or hill station. Take a long drive together. Reach some beach together. Fill your luggage with party table, a good champagne, lovely food and you are ready for the best celebration of his life. Play the soft, romantic music in the car player, start the headlight, cut the cake and dance together. Isn’t it the best idea to feel the day of your life.


    This is the time to be together and enjoy the company of each other. So you must spend quality time with him on his birthday. So make it clear that you two will be together before he invites friends over to celebrate. It might be embarrassing for him to cancel plans and you don’t want trifle things to spoil his special day.

    Venue makes the difference

    If you are planning a birthday party and inviting people then you must find a nice venue in advance that are perfect for the occasion, capacity for invited guests and other stuff. Choose the venue with care. It could be one of his favorite restaurants because it is a party for him so his choice is important. Or better it could be the place you first met or plainly maybe your house. Choice of venue is very important as the love, the care you take in selecting the place, will not go unnoticed.

    Show that you care

    This is the day you can show best how much you love and care for him, all you need to do is make him feel special. There are many things you can do to make this day memorable and special for him.

    If it is at a restaurant, be careful to order his preferred dishes. At home make sure you dish out his favorite meal. Prepare the ambience to make him feel special, beautiful crockery, candles and et-al. He will know you care and even maybe get emotional about it.

    Dress for him

    Wear something really gorgeous to make him proud of his lady love. It will make his day a proud and memorable one. You can wear a dress that he have gifted you or any of your dress that he would like to see you in.

    Friends count

    The second option is, to enjoy with his best buddies. A surprise is a great idea, but you must be very careful to keep it a secret, as the essence of the day should not be lost. A surprise party needs a lot of planning at your end and help from your friends.

    Choose the venue with care as it really should surprise him. Select a place he has all fond memories of your relationship. A friend’s house, a restaurant where you first met, a private room could be a good idea to reveal a surprise. And most important all arrangements are to be planned in advance as you keep him company till the big reveal.


    Party decorations can be made personalized. You can arrange the place to be decorated by your friends as you have to give him company or your surprise will be ruined. You will have to give all the decoration stuff and also leave instructions as to how you want the decoration.This care shown will make him cherish it.

    With great buddies and the special you to celebrate with, Food, music and drink, also should be selected with care.Try and make it close to his best preferred. He will appreciate your sensibility and love you for it.

    These were all just the ways of celebration but since he is your boyfriend, you can plan a day out together in your own way.

    These were some of the best birthday ideas for boyfriend, I hope you loved reading these ideas. As I said earlier that this is the day to make feel special, so plan it out in way to make this day memorable.

    Enjoy and party so his birthday is one of his most cherished moments and you,his most prized friend beside him. What more could a man want? This can be the best birthday gift idea for your boyfriend.

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