12 DIY Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend ~ez_ndash~ Easy Gift Ideas, Do it Yourself

    Today i am going to share ~ez_ldquo~DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend~ez_rdquo~. DIY birthday gifts are really fun if you are creative enough to put your hands on craft.

    Relationships are the base of human life. A relationship between a girl and a boy is now accepted as the part of life and a must with age factors. It is natural to get into any relationship, but maintaining it is difficult. When you are in a stage of the courtship, you tend to experience the peppiest moments of life. You enjoy those romantic day outs, dining out, romantic chats and most importantly, exchange of gifts. The reflection of the tantalizing emotions, take form of the gift. And to add cherry on the cake, DIY gifts can work wonders. Let us have a look at DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend.

    Gifts you can do it yourself for your Boyfriend

    DIY BirthDay Gifts for Boyfriend

    There are many sources over internet where you can find thousands of DIY gift ideas. But, how to find out which is continent for you. I made it little easy for you. I webbed around to find different DIY gift ideas for boyfriend and shortlisted few good ideas that are easy to make. I made a list of 12 DIY gifts that you can try at home. Here is the list:

    1. Beer and candy cake

    Too much of sweetness now, let us go for something that boys love, beer. How about having some fun with it. Make a cake with beer tins. Also, don~ez_euro~~ez_trade~t forget a full beer tin!. Top it with candies, you are ready for fun and blast.

    DIY gift 1 - Beer an candy cake

    2. Exploding picture box

    This is a simple and an inexpensive idea. You can try it at home by collecting all your pictures and writing a tag line or sticking the most attractive picture of him or yours in the middle. Definitely, he is going to love the efforts and the final out come.

    DIY gift 2 - Exploding picture box

    3. Pokemon ~ez_euro~~ez_ldquo~ I choose you ~ez_euro~~ez_ldquo~ friendship necklace

    You can try this with wooden pieces and it is so chunky. If your boyfriend is a happening guy then he is going to love wearing it. And it show cases the feeling in very different manner.

     DIY Gift 3 - Pokemon

    4. Date night coupons

    Now this is something any boy would love to have. Who would not appreciate his girl planning date nights with different coupon ideas. Decorate the coupon in your own cute ways and make him feel special. Let him have a thought that he is the most thought about person in your life.

    DIY Gift 4 - Date night coupons

    5. Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter cups

    Is it possible to find a guy who would not love his girl, cooking something for him. Let us give a turn to the thought and prepare something for him in the microwave oven ~ez_euro~~ez_ldquo~ Chocolate peanuts butter cups and mind you, be prepared to be showered with all his love because men love good food and the one who prepares it too.

    DIY Gift 5 - Homemade Chocolate

    6. Customized Milk Chocolate

    Now when we are introducing sweetness in the relationship then why to forget chocolates. Making a chocolate at home is old enough strategy, go for something innovative. Make chocolates in shape of alphabets which take a form of a message, the way you arrange it. It is going to be a sweet piece in your love life.

    DIY GIft 6 - Customized Milk Chocolate

    7. Painted picture on the pillow

    Pillow can be the closet thing to your boyfriend at night. This can be the best way to keep you in his mind, all the time. Write a message on pillow cover or draw hugging figures on it. He is truly going to hug the pillow at night and love you more.

    DIY Gift 7 - pillow

    8. Scrabble love you picture frame

    Use your old wooden frame and worn scrabble pieces to make a love you frame. This is going to be a creative satisfaction for you. Your boyfriend will be full of praise for you.

    DIY Gift 8 - Scrabble

    9. Good Morning Handsome Cup

    We did so much to make him happy now let us boost his spirit. Let him feel that he is handsome every morning. Write in your style on a plain mug a message, good morning handsome.

    DIY Gift 9 - CUp

    10. Favorite book Poetry

    This is something creative. Just have a look at the picture and take idea of making a best message of the old worn and torn pages which gives a vintage feeling.

    DIY Gift 10 - Favorite Book

    11. Cuddle Kit for two

    Make it yourself with a printed message that too taken out by you. Perfect date idea and something a boy waits for.

    DIY Gift 11 - Cuddle Kit

    12. Guitar Bracelet

    Take an old key chain or anything of guitar shape. Work this out. It is going to be a great gift with lots of appeal in it. Any boy will love to flaunt it.

    DIY Gift 12 - Guitar Bracelet

    I hope I have narrowed down to few good DIY birthday gifts that you can try. So these were few good DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend. You can pick any of these gift idea and you can work on it.

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