First Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

    First birthday gift ideas for girls is what today I am going to share with you. You might not have experience of gifting a baby girl on her first birthday, she may be your baby, your nephew, friend’s baby, etc.. One for all I will tell you some of the right gifts you can get a baby girl on her 1st birthday.

    Giving gifts for the birthday makes him or her feel special. A baby girl of just 1 year cannot admire and thanks your gift but in the longer terms you can make her feel special. You should have a good knowledge of various gift products for baby girls on their first birthday. You will feel special and happy when she will rip the wrap of your birthday present. You can gift beautiful things and toys, even if you don’t have a big budget. Little baby will not remember her first birthday, so you can also plan to give a gift that suits family affairs.

    10 First birthday gifts for girls

    first birthday gift ideas for girls

    1st birthdays are always amazing and memorable. So if you want to make the this occasion you must look out for some amazing gifts that can be cherished and remembered for years. With gifts you can plan many things for the day. I want to help you out here by giving you some of the best birthday gift ideas for girls. These birthday gifts are not very expensive and are easily available everywhere, you can buy them even from gifts online shops. So lets check out these amazing birthday gifts that you can get a baby girl completing her 1 year of birth.

    Monogramed Baby Gifts

    You can gift the baby girl, a unique and sweet pair of shoes, socks and clothes. It will be really cute. You can also gift a small cute blanket for winters. A colorful personalized pillow will also be the best option for a baby girl. Another idea can be to gift a picture frame with the picture of a baby girl. It will be a cute alligator for a baby girl. Find some more such kind of 1st birthday gift ideas for her.

    Custom Baby Gifts

    Parents always love to see their baby sleeping in well plastered sheet. You can gift a soft plastered sheet with beautiful pictures on it. The Birth announcement print is also a unique gift for the girl. You can have a nice print of her birthday in a beautiful frame and can gift her. A Keepsake box which consists of growth charts, chocolates, crayon scribbles, locks of hair, etc. would be a perfect gift for a baby child.

    Handmade Presents

    It is not necessary that you always go into the store to look for the best gifts. You can gift beautiful painting painted by you or you can contact the sketch artist. It can be the painting of a baby girl or the painting of the baby’s entire family. It will surely be hanged on the wall of the room. These types of gifts create a good impression and parents of the girl child will surely keep this painting for years.

    Photo booth

    It is always fun to see pictures of baby girl with her parents. Frames and vintage looks, makes a creative and beautiful expression. “Memoirs for life", put such tag on it, this can actually make the parents nostalgic or even if you are one of the parents then to you are going to love, getting this gift done.

    Room Décor

    You can redecorate the child’s room with cute lamps and pillowcase sets. Make the girl child ready for the new look. You can also buy some cute teddy bears and can place them on the cute little bed of the child.


    Toys can be one of the best birthday gift for the baby girl on her first birthday, as she will enjoy moving her hands on the toys. Cotton gifts are the best option for the baby girl. It can be a unique stuffed monster kit, Rainbow octopus, animal bowling set and other trade infant toys. Barbie toys are always loved by the girls. You can gift a complete set of Barbie toys.

    Heirloom gifts for baby girl

    Girls often love to see pictures of them, so you can find pictures of baby’s funniest moments and affix on a page and get it framed. Believe me this gift will be cherished for years and when she will grow up and see this precious gift, she will get a nice feelings imagining her 1st birthday.

    Fishcer Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza

    Fischer price toys are already very much appreciated and they are built with good intention of raising kids with fun. So sure, this gift will have added benefits apart from making the kid happy.

    Lavender Harper My First Anywhere Chair

    kids love to imitate their parents. They observe you sharply and want to do everything that her parents do. By gifting her this soft and cozy chair, you are giving her a space for herself. She can play with it in her own special manner.

    Presentation is also very important, so you can wrap your gift beautifully with a beautiful message for her birthday.Gifts for baby girl on her first birthday means a lot to their parents too. So be considerate enough by not just taking anything but give some time and thought before selecting the gift. Kids at the age of one are next to angels and pleasing those angels is really an activity that can bring peace to your mind.

    These were some of the very suitable first birthday gift ideas for girls. You might have picked few gift ideas from here but you can find even more gift ideas, just think about her growing and needs and you will come up with many good ideas. Winking smile

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