Funny Gifts for Women – Ideas you will Laugh reading

Out of all the difficult tasks in the world, the most difficult one yet got dropped in the man’s pocket and that’s to gift something good to a women. But some light moments are so when you need to buy a funny gift for your lady love. These gifts will make a moment of laughter for both of you and also will create a memory for you two to ponder upon in the future.

Funny Gifts for women are not that bad or limited rather they can have a number of varieties in everything around. From clothes to accessories and footwear, they surely have the potential to make your girl laugh out of shock, surprise or simple sarcasm

13 Funny gift ideas for women

Below you will find a list of some amazing, awesome and funny gift ideas for women. These funny gifts can make her laugh to the core. Enjoy reading these funny gift ideas.

Funny Lingerie

You would have surely gifted your women a bra or a lingerie set, how about a little out of the way with lingerie. It’s that something which can make you close and enjoy with lots of fun. (LOL)

Funny facebook Brafunny Bra

Skeleton Leggings

Leggings can be a good gift but making it funny will be more helpful in producing a bit of a laughing moments while she will scream seeing her bones in her legs. So i think its funny as well as a cool gift you can get her.

Anatomist-Leggings-by-Black_1D3FE696Funny skeleton Leggings

Gift her a happy man

Well if you both are bottle lovers, then be it any bottle at your place, she will surely need an opener to open and serve it the way she wants and there can be fun in opening a bottle too.

Funny naughty bottle

Distress her as she presses and laughs!

Women are by far the easiest ones to take stress and get easily irritated as their male counterparts are just the opposite. So gift this funny relaxing toy to her and help her distress as she laughs seeing the funny faces which come up.

Funny sequeezers

The Bald Ass pen holder

Let her study table remind her of this silly friend who gifted a smirk in between the serious and irritating paperwork she has spread on the table. Gift her an excuse to play with her pen again and again. This is really one of the funniest gift you can present anyone.

Funny pen holders

A new member calls for some fun!

This funny gift would bring the perfect fun to your woman when she is a few months pregnant. Let the world know what is going on in your life and let your wife feel the happiness to be a mom as and when she looks into the mirror.

Funny printed t-shirt


Bag Badges

Well, it’s not that a women will use these badges on her accessories but she’ll surely laugh a bit on this funny yet disgusting comment, you gave her indirectly.

Funny badges

Cook her some laughs, and the people around too

Kitchen is especially the most visited place for a woman which she walks in with pride so why not to gift her an armor, wearing which she feels like an actual superhero of her home. A printed superhero apron would just be perfect.

Funny dress

The sniffing Heels

This is one of unique gift you might not ever gifted to a woman. Women, sort or tall, go gaga over footwear or to be precise, heels. They all have at least innumerable pair of heels in the footwear section of their wardrobe. So why not gift them something different and funny for their collection. Shoo shoo!

Cat heal shoes

Ring a fun on her ears!

Women freak out when it comes to accessorizing themselves. From head to toe, they will buy as much as they can which suites their personality up and especially when it is about earrings,so why not gift them a fun thing to hang around on their ears.

unique and funny ear ringsclip_image014clip_image015clip_image016

Funny Male Stripper

Yes this funny male stripper can increase his size by 600% when soaked in water. The funny anatomy of his body can make any woman laugh.

male stripper

Dusting Mop Slippers

Remember the funny actions, we did when we were kids to clean our feet or split water on floor. Letting your woman do same way while cleaning the floor can make her happy and have fun.

Mop slippers

The funny gifts for women which are not comparable in any way with those expensive and exclusive gifts, but it can make her fall in love with you again and again. That little giggle and shying smile that brings a blush on her face is also incomparable with any solitaire. Both does their job and our ultimate job is to keep the love of your life happy and smiling.

These were some of the very funny gifts for women that can make her laugh and giggle. I hope you have liked few of the ideas. If you want some more funny gift ideas, then comment below to discuss with us. We will give you some specific gift ideas you are looking for.

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