13 Amazing Gifts for Tween girls

    Today I will share some amazing gift ideas for tween girls. So if you are searching for gifts for tween girls, there you go. This is your stop to search some amazing gift ideas. So let’s have a look at their world and select the best for them.

    It is observed that every person changes with age, so is the case with their choices. Kids love toys, teenagers love chocolates, youth loves technology and aged people wants something to give them serenity. These are the clear age groups we have mentioned in society, but there is also an age group – Tween, which falls in the range of 10 – 12 years age group. They are neither completely kids, nor teenagers. Their choices, are ranging from kiddy to teens style.

    Best gift ideas for tween girls


    I know tween girls are more of growing age, they love to explore new things which are exciting to use. Its an age to play, enjoy, have fun and learning things. So based on these parameters I have prepared a list of gifts for tween girls. These gift ideas are fun to them, they enjoy playing and also learn. Lets have a look on this gift list:

    MicrophoneKaraoke Microphone

    Let them feel like an actual rock star. They actually feel themselves to be so. We just have to boost their emotions. So gift them this plug and play microphone to make them a future rock star.

    Easy bake cupcakes

    Since it’s the age of budding out, they love to experiment in all arenas of life. Observe that the tween, you wish to gift is interested in making the muffins, cupcakes or love to be in the kitchen. Then this is the one for him/her.

    Nail paintNail Lacquer

    This is really a cool gift for girls. Say it or no. But no girl in the world would say no to a nail lacquer. Gift her a set of Nail lacquer or nail art kit. Since the day, a girl is born, she loves to dress and accessorize herself. Even the youngest of all will ask mummy to paint her nails. So in my opinion this is really a gift to go with tween girls.


    They want to look mature too. They observe you very closely. They want to dress like you. And almost every elder wear a watch. Gift them a watch which looks like their age and make them feel mature.

    Star Power gadget

    Awaken that gadget freak demon in your kid. The star power gadget is the many in one option which they are simply going to love. It’s a lamp, MP3 speaker, alarm clock and that too in their favorite epic character, super villain Boba Fett and Dark Lord, Darth Vader.


    You know, they are always on the run. They love to dress up their best too. So gift them a pair of sneakers to make them run smoothly and look their best.


    asdsad You must be surprised to hear Dabble. Yes, dabble. Scrabble is old now and the kids have lost interest in it so you can surprise them with this new fast moving game, with who can make the most feature. They are still kids and you need to pay attention to their overall development so have fun with them and enhance their knowledge.

    optical-illusions_300Optical illusions

    Yes, this is something which can keep them busy. All those runs, run and run thing can be controlled by putting them at some task. Explain them this illusion thing and tell them to enjoy it with their friends. They will love to show it off to their friends.

    Play Station

    sadsPlay stations are though addictive, but every kid needs one. You can set a time for them to play. Wii. Play stations are for those who already have PS 3. It is super fun controlled sports video game which has motion detecting eye camera and wireless controllers.

    snow-bunny-hat_300Fur Trapper Hat

    Oh, this is something chic. It can be worn by any age group gals and even guys at the age of 10. It looks super cool. It looks so much real that you are going to love the one in it.

    Basket Ball

    basket ball Remember those chilly winds and the kids are unable to play outdoors. The mess and havoc they create at home. To your rescue gift them this basketball net. It can be placed in any safe corner of the home and the tween can enjoy playing in a duo or single.

    Posters of their favorite stars

    Imagine the moment, they have posters of their favorite star in their hands. They dance like anything. It’s their age after all. Let them enjoy the most. Let them decorate their rooms with their favorite star posters and dream of being like them.

    You are all set to make this gifting an exceptional one. You now have ideas of such gifts which is designed by understanding the emotions of the particular age group, specially girls.

    So I end up with these gift ideas for tween girls. I know you might have liked few ideas from the list. These gift ideas are really fun to have for tween, specially tween girls will definitely love to have these gifts. You can also discuss with us for more gift ideas.

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