Gifts you must present your Boyfriend on his birthday in 2014

    2014 is an year of technologies, humans are too advanced in past few years that we might not have imagined before. Every new day, different technologies are coming into shapes. Different gadgets, technologies are so advanced that any normal person can use in a day to day life. So today I have got some ideas of gifts that you can present your boyfriend on his birthday, these are mainly dedicated to new gadgets with advance technologies and you might know that generally guys are gadget freak.

    So your boyfriend’s birthday is coming and you want to gift him some special things which he will always remember, but just like us you are also facing the challenge of finding great gifts for your boyfriend! Presenting your boyfriend with a gift is not an easy task as guys in general are not at all frivolous, so the regular options in their case are quite limited. You need not worry anymore because I will provide you with a variety birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend. You can pick any of these gifts for your boyfriend as these are listed especially for a guy!

    Worth gifts for boyfriend in 2014

    Gifts for boyfriend in 2014

    From last few days I was into researching a lot of stuff over internet. I wanted to find out what all things are trending amongst guys. So I came up with few things that are really awesome and any guy would love to have them as a gift from the love of his life on his birthday. Some gift you can find under normal budget and some are expensive. So they are ranging from low to high in terms of price budget. Let us now find out these amazing gift ideas.

    Gramin Head-up DisplayGramin Head-up Display

    The smart HUD helps in projection of the GPS directly on the windshield so that your guy does not have to look anywhere other than windshield. Your Guy will definitely love this gift and this gesture will make him realize how considerate you are!

    iPhone 5s

    Apple iphone 5s

    If your guy is an Apple lover then nothing can make him as happy as an iPhone 5s which comes with a fingerprint recognizer so that now he can unlock the phone by just touching the iPhone screen. I know iPhone 5s is little outdated as it has released a few months before, but still it is in a trending list of guys. Guys really want it badly, so if your boyfriend don’t have this gadget then you can gift him on his birthday. It would be a gift to remember, he will definitely love this piece of quality.

    clip_image001Wood Tray Valet

    Guys always need mom, girl friend or wife to arrange their things or make them remember about their valuables. Gifting this valet can always make him remember you. It also adds a feeling of being there. It can be placed on dresser, office desk or bed side table.

    Parrot Flower Plant

    Parrot Flower Plant

    Many guys love gardening and are quite passionate about the health of their plants. This plant monitor assists in checking the various factors such as light, humidity, soil pH and fertilizers level in the garden. This monitor then sends all the detail to your guy’s smart phone. This then checks with the details in the plant library to help him maintain his garden in perfect condition.

    YurBuds Venture Talk EarphonesYurBuds Venture Talk Earphones

    This is one of the best thing you can get in cheap price. This pair of earphones comes with a magnetic clip which your guy can attach it behind his back while working out in gym.These earphones are sweat proof, water resistant and durable which are designed in such a way that they do not hurt any sensitive areas of the ear.

    Pillow Speakers


    Everyone loves to have a sound sleep and this pillow speaker is just apt to get your guys fall into a deep slumber so that the next day he will wake up fresh and happy! These speakers act as great stress buster. They are so comfortable that he will love to take rest when he needs to come out of stress.

    HTC One Max

    HTC One Max

    Almost every guy is a gadget freak. In fact, they are their toys so if you can give him this newly launched HTC One Max which is a 5.9" sleek Android phablet he will surely go crazy with happiness!



    As we all know Men love booze and women! So all you got to do is to pick his favorite liquors from the market and you can share this drink with him on any of your romantic dinners or with a group of friends. This gift is something which is Hit in all eras.

    Polaroid 300Polaroid 300

    Guys love to carry cool things with them and one such example is Polaroid 300. If your guy loves to capture moments then this is the best gift you could give your guy. The best part about this camera is pictures do not remain in camera but you will get the actual photo in few seconds!


    Phonesoap Universal Cell Phone IPhone Charger


    It is something that would make any guy say a Wow. It sanitizes phone as well as charges it. So it is completely taking care of service of phone. And take a look at design, it’s so elite that can change complete personality of your guy. So make him feel loved with this gift.

    Men are simple creatures and they don’t need those extra girly stuff to make them feel mushy. They are going to love you even more if you gift them something useful and practical! You are the one who knows your man, the most. So select only that gift that has a personal approach and it falls in the range of his choice, perfectly. After all, gifting is that special gesture to make the person feel special.

    So if you are planning out some gifts for your boyfriend’s birthday in 2014, then you know what you have got to do. There are many more stuff trending in year 2014 so if you would like to know more about them, then please come up in comment section to discuss some more birthday presents.

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