Have You ever celebrated your dadâ~ez_euro~~ez_trade~s birthday as I Did?

    It actually happens with all of us that we get limited when we think for birthday gifts for dad. We only find few ideas, isnâ~ez_euro~~ez_trade~t it? Here at this situation you want someone to help you out suggesting some gifts. So, here my job is to help you out finding some great gifts for your dadâ~ez_euro~~ez_trade~s birthday.

     gifts for dad's birthday

    Here, I will share with you some of the experiences of celebrating my dadâ~ez_euro~~ez_trade~s birthday. I will share some of the gifts I have presented to my dad on his last birthday. The reason of sharing my experiences and gift ideas with you is because you can get some great ideas out of it that you can try on your dadâ~ez_euro~~ez_trade~s birthday.

    So, let us start with my experience of celebrating my dadâ~ez_euro~~ez_trade~s last birthday.

    On 50th birthday of my dad, last year, I had planned some of the very unique ideas. I wanted to make this day very special, so I tried every possible thing. Let me tell you about my dad, he is a very busy person with his office work. So, he get very less time to relax or to spend time with his close friends, relatives or even us ( family members). So, first thing which came to my mind is to make him relax and spend time with his friends and relatives. I remember my dadâ~ez_euro~~ez_trade~s last birthday was on Saturday, that means he has full two days to relax. So, keeping this in mind, I have planned these two days very nicely. So, let us see what all I did in these two days.

    Friday 11.59 p.m â~ez_euro~~ez_ldquo~> 1 minute to go for Birthday surprise

    I planned out a surprise for my dad, he have a habit of watching t.v late on Friday nights. So, I called up each of his friend and relatives for a surprise party , whom he was not able to give time, at mid night. So, at 11.59 p.m we all were ready, all friend and relatives were waiting at the door and me, my brother, sister and mom was waiting inside home. When clock turned :00, door belled and birthday music played which I arranged on my speakers. My dad got surprised to see all of them together and we came out of our rooms. Then he met all of them and after that he cut the cake which we have all arranged for him. That was a best moment for him, but it was just a start of these two days. Here you can find some more ways to plan out a surprise birthday party for dad.

    Saturday Morning 8 a.m

    He woke up at 8 a.m and we were ready with his all favorite dishes for breakfast. We had breakfast together and while having breakfast I told him that today you donâ~ez_euro~~ez_trade~t have to do anything, you will just relax and also I told him that on launch I have your friends and relatives coming at home. So, till launch he was like a king ~ez_ndash~ watching t.v, spending time with us, talking to us, having fun.

    Saturday Launch time.

    All friends and relatives came with gifts and so do I (which I have planned days before this day). They all presented him some gifts and then I did. Here, I want to share what all gifts I have presented him. Let see:

    My gift treat to my dad

    Below i have share some the gifts i presented for dad~ez_rsquo~s birthday. These birthday gifts are invaluable and with every gifts in the list i have mentioned the reason. So, let us check my gifts for dad~ez_rsquo~s birthday.

    A small trip

    I booked a small trip on Sunday for our whole family members to my near outing place. I really wanted to do this because my dad is always busy with his work and he donâ~ez_euro~~ez_trade~t get time for us. So, the whole day we enjoyed , spend quality time with each other and had some fun.

    A old Fashioned mettle watch

    My dad likes to wear special kind of watch that looks little old fashioned. I had this in my mind, so I found this special watch for him and I bought it as gift for him. He was really very happy to have this gift from him and certainly turned out to be the best gift for dad~ez_rsquo~s birthday.

    A wine Bottle

    On weekends or holidays, my dad like to drink wine. So, I bought a set of his favorite wine for him as a gift.

    A Unique pen

    He is a working person. He actually do some work where he has to do a lot of pen work for signing and documenting. So, I bought a very unique pen for him which he is now using for his work of writing.

    A Massage Reclining chair

    My dad suffer from back pain as he he works 10 hours a day sitting on an office chair. So, I went online and ordered this great massage reclining chair which helps in relaxing your back. I gifted him and now it is really making him feel very relaxed at home and I found this a good choice. I recommend you to try this one, if your dad is also suffering from back pain.

    A set of formal clothes

    I bought a set of formal clothes for him. I bought a shirt of his favorite brand with a matching trouser.

    Birthday Greeting card

    I love to present birthday greeting cards to everybody because in a greeting card you can express all your feelings and love. It always make that person remember about this day and the love you showed to him. So, I gifted him a big greeting card on which I wrote some messages for him showing my love and care for him. Find more customized gift ideas for him.

    These were few best gifts for dad~ez_rsquo~s birthday. I gifted all these things to my dad and believe me it was his best birthday till date.

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