How could you Miss these Plans for your Mom’s 60th Birthday

    Turning 60 surely is a big milestone for a lady and she has years of fond memories of her times and age. She has aged with grace with her children and she revels in her grand children’s company.This is the day to show your mom how much she means to you, how much you love her.

    The place where you stand is because of her strength, encouragement, and motivation. At this age, she is never old, she is young at heart and wants her share of fun.

    How will you plan her birthday, is a big question. First, decide what to do as you have to make it memorable. Presentation of the party is very important so, you must start early.

    7 Things you can do for your mom’s 60th Birthday

    60th Birthday ideas for Mom

    Its your mom’s 60th Birthday and you can do many things to make this day special and memorable. I remember last year I have attended my close friend’s mom 60th birthday for surprise. It was a great experience seeing her mom happy. My friend planned a lot of things for her mother which make her mom feel very special. So today my source of these ideas are purely based on that experience. Here I am sharing few things that you must do for your mom’s 60th birthday.

    Nostalgic Planning

    With all the social media available you can connect with all her friends of the time when she was in college or in her teens. She might be in touch with a few. Collect photographs of your mom and with them in those times and make a slide show to be screened at her party.

    Presentation by you

    You can even have a slide show of her candid moments since she was a baby to her present day sixtieth birthday Supermom. I personally feel the former choice will be a hit with the moments with her friends.

    Presentation by friends

    You could have her friends present a play or a dance for her which they performed during their college days. It will bring back fond memories and make them enjoy reminiscing their old times.


    As you know gift is a very important part of any celebration. There are many gifts that you can get your mom for her 60th birthday. You can get beautiful personalized gifts of photo placard for all invitees. You already have their college day photo when you call for these, ask for their present day photo too. You can personalize these then and now photos with their respective names. Here are list of some more birthday gift ideas for your mom.


    What’s a party without music? Choose music with care. It should have a fusion of the popular numbers of her times. Music should have dance numbers and romantic songs. Either ways both the moods are ideal.Be sure to use both kinds of music. This will make her sentimental about her days and surely all those who are present will dance. This is her party so the youngsters will also dance to her tunes today. Believe me, you will enjoy it as much as she does. This gesture will remind them the moments she spent with her friends and family at that time.


    Don’t make haste in blindly ordering food from a popular joint of her times.It is not a no – no by the rule but, you must check out if they still serve the same quality and taste that was there when your mom frequented it. You can check it out by bringing home a food pack from that place and if her reaction is, wow! This tastes just like the times when we visited, then go for it.Otherwise, choose from the food to be delivered from any of her favorite joints.


    You must send invites to all her college day friends and make sure they come. Care must be taken as you should keep in mind that they all will be around the same age too. Hence, make plans and careful arrangements. Some of them coming from a long way might stay for a day or two.Be prepared to make their stay comfortable and a memorable one.

    A party where she has all her close pals and memories of her hay days, I’m sure she will not forget the party for days to come. It will be embedded in her memory and make her feel younger. You too will have the grand feeling. Mothers always rock! S. Let her 60th birthday be the moment of her life. Let her feel that she is lucky to have you as a family and what she invested in you for years is now time to reap. These thing can make her feel the inner satisfaction. And you will feel the pleasure of doing something for her.

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