How to make a Gift Basket – A Gift Basket Guide

    Want to present an attractive gift basket to someone special? Want to make it at home? But, don’t know how to make a gift basket? Don’t worry as here I will give you a step by step guide to make a great gift basket.

    Gift basket is in itself a complete gift that I recommend many people to present to anyone and on any occasion. You can present a gift basket to anyone and with or without any occasion. Whether you buy it from market or make it home, it is something that is worth to gift. Here we are talking about how to make a gift basket, so I must tell you in advance that making a gift basket is really a fun thing and they are easy to make. You just need to open your mind and let your creativity be utilized to make and decorate it.

    There are a lot of ways you can make and decorate a gift basket. You can use any thing to make it look awesome. You can change and customize in your own way. I will guide you from things that are required to the steps you need to go through to make it really beautiful.

    5 Easy Steps to make a gift basket

    I have categorized the process into 5 steps to make it very easy and manageable. You just have to follow these 5 easy steps to make a nice gift basket that you can present anyone.

    Step 1 – Base Step

    First step is very important for any process as it makes the base of the purpose. So Here first step is same, all you have to do is decide few things first. You need to be particular about few things. Let’s check out what are these things:

    1. Gift to Whom

    You must think about a gift basket on base of the relationship with that person. Suppose you are looking out for a gift basket for your mom, then you must need different things and you must think differently, the same way for any other relation (i.e father, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, etc.) you need to think differently. Another thing that you must do is make a list of things that the person is more interested into that means you must know his/her hobbies and interest. This will help you to find some great gifts that he/she will definitely love to have.

    2. Decide a theme

    You know for whom (what kind of a person) you are looking out for gift basket and what are his/her hobbies and interest. So now it is time to gather all the info and list to give a theme to a basket. Example – if you are looking out for a gift for a music lover, then you can think of some gifts like – headphones, i-pod, Favorite songs collection DVD, etc.. So you will give a music theme and on basis of it you will make and decorate the basket.

    3. Shape and Size

    Now, when theme is finalized you are now ready to decide a shape and size. You can find many baskets of different shape and sizes, from any gift shop. You can buy any type of basket which is going with your theme and then make it ready to make a new themed gift basket. You can find few different shaped and sized baskets pictures.

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    Step 2 – Pen down gift list

    When step 1 is complete with all three things mentioned above, now it is time to list down all the gifts you want to put in that gift basket. These gifts should be primarily based on theme which is based on the interest and hobbies of that person. Below you you can find a dummy gift list pattern, You can can make your own gift list to manage things more easily.

    Gift list in the basket

    Step 3 – Get the decorative materials

    Now gift is ready so do the basket on which you have to place gifts and decorate the gift basket as a whole. For this you need to have different things to decorate the basket. Let’s check what are these things:

    • Different colors and types of ribbons
    • scissor, tape, glue stick, wrap paper (glittery), etc..
    • Few small paper bag
    • Cards and stickers to make it little personalized

    Step 4 – Wrap Up

    When all materials are ready, now it is time to wrap up the gifts. For different gifts you can use a different wrap paper/cover. You can also use different types of ribbons for different gift items. You can use sticker or cards to write some personal message, greeting, etc..

    Wrapping gifts

    Step 5 – Decorate the basket

    Last step is to decorate the basket. When gifts are ready, wrapped up with ribbons and papers, then it is time to place them in the basket to make it look beautiful. For decorating the basket you can use ribbons, glitters, shinning threads, extra accessories , etc..

    So these were 5 very easy steps to make a gift basket. I hope these steps would help you out a bit. If you want to see how to actually make it with some examples then watch these videos:

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