Find Everything you Need to Make your Dad’s 60th Birthday the Best

    Today I am sharing some of the best 60th birthday ideas for dad, it is in response for the mail which I got from Mr. Andrew asking about some birthday ideas for his dad’s 60th birthday. So I here I am sharing some of the ideas that I thought of sharing as they worth it, these are birthday plans and activities ideas that you can consider, also you can find some 60th birthday gift ideas as well.

    Daddies at this age are very difficult.You are never sure of their reaction, but we have to show them how much they mean to us. Taking time off our regular schedule is not the only thing to be done. But, what will we do? Has another question. At this age dad lived a retired life, revels in grand children’s company, does odd jobs around the house, listens to music or watches DVDs. Whatever he does we have to make his day a special one. After crossing this phase of life, what they need the most is time and the company of their loved ones. While planning keep these points in mind:

    7 Best birthday planning ideas for dad’s 60th birthday

    Best plan your dad's 60th birthday

    A 60 year man might not have any wishes for the birthday, all they want is quality time with their close ones. Time spend with family or close people is the best thing he can get on his birthday. So I thought about few ideas taking these things in mind and I came up with few good ideas that I would like to share with you. So allow me to share my list of plans and ideas:

    Celebrate on a cruise

    cruiseA cruise or a trip to any popular tourist place will be a nice change from his regular routine. Generally he does not go out anywhere and loves his sedentary style of living.Connect with all his old pals,I am sure they would like to join in, as a company is what they need for such outings.You can plan with them and gift them the cruise trip where he is accompanied by his best buddies. Plan it in such a way that his birthday falls when you are already sailing. A celebration, on the ship which will bring a great surprise for him and memories to store.

    Announce it loud

    family gatheringLet all your family participate in the ceremony. Call his friends and take a chance to express your deep gratitude towards him. Imagine the moment when you will start counting, point by point, from your childhood what he has done for you. He will be full with pride and emotions. The feeling that whatever he has sown is what he is reaping today.

    60th Birthday gifts

    birthday giftsIf you are planning for to make this day special and memorable, then you must plan out some perfect birthday gifts for him. I know at this age he won’t love much of the gift stuff, but its not about the gift, its about the love for your dad. It is gesture of gratitude, this will show the love and affection for him.

    Grand children theme party

    Grand children theme partyArrange a party with his young companions. A grand dad revels in the presence of the grand children. He loves their company and their everyday life stories. Arrange a theme party where all the grandchildren and family members dress from his favorite childhood hero. He will simply love it. Let him also dress the part of his hero. He will love the celebration remembering his old childhood days.

    Shopping spree

    Shopping spreeMake him feel like a child who has gone for Christmas shopping. Arrange in advance with the store say Walmart where he gets coupons to shop and every counter welcomes him with a happy birthday sir! Believe me he will feel as excited as a kid and will love the attention he will receive.You can arrange for a special gift to be given by the store. He will be harping to everyone about the grand day he had, and the people at the store being so very kind.

    A drive by the sea side

    beach side rideIf you don’t own your dads favorite car make, then get it on rent. Decorate it with balloons and a message like “celebrating my teens"on the car. Take him for a ride by the beach to enjoy the crisp salty air. He can be welcomed to the beach with a surprise party comprising of friends and family. Let it be a beach party with all enjoyment. Your dad will love the trouble you have taken for all the gaiety and grandeur to make the party a success.

    Back to School Moments

    Back to School MomentsIt is very well said that as we grow older, we tend to have our childhood days again. Old aged people start behaving like a kid. Make them feel that you too enjoy being like child with them on that particular day. Enjoy the spirit of all your childhood days with the person who brought you up.

    The love we want to express to our dad is slightly difficult.Since the grandchildren are their favorite, don’t miss any one of them for the celebration. The party will be a success by their presence. But, I am sure, packaged with deepest feelings, the message will be taken and the birthday a great success. It is not just any occasion but it is the moment where he is just out of his regular work and needs maximum of your attention.

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