Romantic Birthday Ideas for Her that you should not miss

    Seeking out for some romantic birthday ideas for her? Want to make this day memorable for her? Want to plan out this day in a different waySmile with tongue out. But the fact is that you don’t have some good ideas to try out and you are surfing around to find out some of the best ideas. If this is what you are looking out for, then I will help you out finding in some of the best birthday ideas that are very romantic to try out.

    best romantic birthday

    Celebrating girlfriend’s or wife birthday could be quite exciting. What if you celebrate this day with pure romanceWinking smile. But celebrating the day with romance can not be so romantic if your don’t have good romantic birthday ideas for her.

    So what all you can do to make this day more romantic. I am sure you might have your own list of ideas, if you have that’s good, if not, then you can try out some of the ideas mentioned here. Below you can find some of the great ideas that you can try on her birthday.

    10 Romantic birthday ideas for your girlfriend or wife

    There are many ways you can make this day romantic for her, here you can find few ideas that are good to try out. These all ideas are possible sitting at home and also you don’t have to have a good budget to plan out this day.

    Take a shower together

    This is one of the very romantic birthday idea that you must try. This is the best romantic thing you can do for her. If you have never tried it before, then this is the time that you must do it. You can play with each other in a very romantic way in shower, don’t forget to make love with herBe right back , a treat for her.

    A full body massage

    Have you ever gave full body massage to your love? I know many guys never try this thing. But believe me this is one of the best romantic thing you can do to her. You can give her a great massage, also can make a romantic ambiance in a room before starting the massage. Believe me she will definitely love this idea. If you don’t know how to give a good massage, then refer Wikihow to know how to do it.

    Cook her favorite dish

    Do you remember how many times she cooked for you with her love without any occasion, it is just to please you. Have you ever thought to return the favor. This is the day when you can do this.

    Cook her favorite dish on her birthday, she will be speechless to see you cooking for her. You can let her relax and enjoy, while you can cook for her. If you don’t know how to cook, then you can watch online cooking videos to learn. This is one the romantic birthday idea that you can consider on her birthday.

    Let her be the queen of the day

    Make her queen for this day, make her feel very special, show her how much you love and care for her. Girls or women really like to be pampered from their guy. No matter of age, a women or girl always love to be pampered. So, do what ever it takes to make her feel special and show her how much you love her. The ideas that are mentioned here are enough to make her feel special, but still if you can do personal things that would be better.

    Her new age kisses

    This is the best way to greet a person you love on his/her birthday. I almost advice everyone to try this out. This idea I got from my girlfriend Winking smile. On my last to last birthday, my girlfriend met me in the morning and she said I want to greet you birthday, so I said go ahead and do it. But what she does was so special, she gave me 23 kisses on all over my face and last 23rd kiss was on my lip. It was so romantic and special, that I really can’t express in words. Till date I just remember her 23 kisses, although she gave me 24 on my last birthday, but it was first on my 23rd birthday.Now don’t get yourself calculating my age, LOL.

    So, I think you might have got an idea what I am trying to say. Go ahead and try out this idea on her birthday, she will be speechless.

    Romantic dance in soft music

    Talking about romantic birthday ideas for her but not taking about a romantic dance, not fair. Dance between guy and girl could be so romantic thing. A dance like salsa could be one of the dance you can try, it is one of the dance form in which you can be more romantic. If you are at home together, then try to make a good romantic ambiance of the room before starting it out. Use some candles, light and flowers to decorate the room. Prepare a list of some romantic songs on which you can dance, you can also refer this list of romantic songs.

    Chocolates to be played

    You must be thinking what is so romantic playing with chocolates, but experienced guys already know what I am taking aboutWinking smile. Ok, for the guys who are still confused here is the ice breaker for you.

    By playing with chocolates, I mean to say, you can have fun using chocolates on each other body to lick and get licked. Girls really find it romantic. Try this out on her birthday and after the romantic fun is done, then you can go out for shower together.

    Dinner to end up the romantic day

    This romantic day should be completed with a romantic end. I mean this day should be end on a romantic note. The best way to do is to take her for dinner in her favorite restaurant or may be a restaurant where you can have a good romantic ambiance. Arrange a happy birthday song on the restaurant and a cake.

    Watch a romantic movie together lying on bed

    If you are planning out the day at home, then why not to watch any romantic movie at home lying on bed together holding each other under bed sheet. What could be more romantic than that.

    Romantic notes for her

    This one is really good to be tried. The idea is to write down some romantic, love, care, feelings oriented notes on different paper, hide all these notes in the room and let her find each of the notes.

    A small trip

    If you don’t want to be at home for this day, then why not a small trip. Book a small trip where you both can have quality time and celebrate this day. It probably could be her favorite destination.

    Gifts for her

    A birthday is incomplete without gifts, so you must also plan out some birthday gifts for her. I have prepared a list of ideas for you.

    This was it from my end, these were some of the best romantic birthday ideas that you must try out on her birthday. I hope you have liked some of the ideas from the list. You can also discuss more if you didn’t found above ideas to be appealing. Use comment section to ask or discuss your query.

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