The 10 Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for a sport Loving Guy

Selecting a gift is actually a difficult task, if it is for someone special or for the person whom you care. So, what has made you search the website, today? I think, you are searching for a gift for a guy. A guy, who possess some special interest. If the guy is too much into sports and loves sports, then today you have hit the exact right place.

Sporty guyI am planning to prepare the same list of gifts, which a sport loving guy would love. You will think that it will end up with only sports equipment, but no, the guys, who have special inclinations for sports have lot many things required. Things which can keep him fit, things which can keep him relaxed and gifts that can make him remember you. So let us take a tour of the gifting lists of items that can be given to a sports fan.

Gifts for guy who loves sports

Black leather beer holster


This is a beer holster made of rugged leather and it can make the bottle of beer, very much accessible by the guy. This can be a special gift for a young lad, who loves golfing. With this holster, he will get a hidden pocket to keep his valuables safe. So every time, he will have a sip, he  is going to enjoy his play and make a time of life.

 Autographed football


Loving a sport is one thing and keeping its memory with you is something related to expressing your love for the game. It can be autographed by any special person, such as his dad, who is his ideal or his own autograph, so that he can have a target in life to autograph many such footballs. If he is a real football freak then you can gift him a football, autographed by his ideal footballer. Every young man or teen guy loves to play football and no one can deny it.

 Derek Jeter Signed 2014 Game Used Baseball

DEREK JETER SIGNED 2014 GAME USED BASEBALLPersonally signed by Yankee’s captain Derek Jeter. This is a game used ball from the Yankee’s 2014 season. This is an authenticated autographed ball, which is used and signed by Derek Jeter. This also commemorates the last game of the captain.


 Football Cocktail shaker


The stylish 24 ounce shaker is made from high quality premium stainless steel and includes a silicone kickoff tee-styled stand to give it a specialized look and for easy use. A winner style presentation. Such gifts not only gives a cool touch, but a proud feeling for the guy, who is going to use it. Every time he will use, you can find a smile on his face that his interests are appreciated. Such gifts can be perfect for a son or a friend.

Stadium seat with a tan blanket


It is not always the case that the guy who loves the sport is always into playing it. If he loves the sport than he would be enjoying it, sitting in the stadium and what can be a perfect gift for the one, who spends hours in the stadium watching the game. This seat has comfortable padding at the bottom and the back. The side straps are designed in such manner that it gives comfortable adjustments. It has a comfortable handle for comfort in carrying it and it includes a polar fleece blanket.


Salted Caramels & Football Strawberries


A football inspired design to celebrate the victory. Chocolate dipped strawberries are loved by all and if it is in celebration of a victory in a football match, then the happiness will double up and you would love to see the guys dancing and eating to celebrate. It can be a perfect gift for a winning guy.


 Personalized Washington post football book

Personalized football book

If the guy, you are dating is a football fan and you would love to see him cheered with happiness then this is the best gift for him. Washington post newspaper articles written during the times, when the history was created and have gathered the greatest moments of his favorite team. This gift is incomparable and every football fan would love to have such a collection. It is exceptional with a luxury black leatherette, hardback cover and gold embossed. You can personalize it by adding your personal message on the title page.

MLB Dirt Pens with Authenticated Dirt


It is said that the land where the victory is achieved is also respected and same stands true for the victory in a sport. If your guy is a real fan, then he is going to love this dirt pen. It is the most perfect and practical aspect to show your fanhood. It is a black pen. It also has a stylus on the top for your smart phone or tablet.

Favorite sport Tee


This is an inevitable gift. You say you love a game and don’t have the tee to show off your love, then it is completely an undone thing. Making a collection of tees of your favorite tee are the best way to show your fandom. You are granted access to any function or social events in this particular tee understanding, your love for your favorite sport.

 Bold pop up cooler


Total leak proof, zipped and food safe is perfect to keep beverages. It is easy to carry any where. It can be compressed while traveling. Very useful for exhaustive games and keeps the level of energy intact.


This is the list of gifting ideas that we have collected for a sports loving guy, you can also check out some more amazing gift ideas for a guy. It is the most practical collection of gifting ideas as it is covering gifts for the one, who loves to play as well as for the one, who enjoys watching it. So, both kinds of guys will be happy to receive this gift and you will be more than happy to see the smile on their faces. So now don’t think much and proceed ahead to select a gift and gift him.

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