The Best ways to Celebrate a Woman’s Birthday Who is turning 40

    Searching for some birthday plans for a woman who is turning 40? It could be quite confusing as you really don’t know what to do, what to plan and how to do, if you don’t have any prior experience of it. Celebrating birthday of a women (who is turning 40) must be different from a young women.

    40th birthday ideas for a women

    Women at age of 40 are more mature women. This is the age when she has a lot of responsibilities of her work and family responsibilities as well. A women at age of 40 is most probably a mother of grown up children, wife of a husband and very responsible member of a family. She has seen a lot of phases in these years, so she have lot of experience too.

    I am not sure if you are finding out some birthday ideas for your mom, aunt, wife, friend or any lady you know who is turning 40, but still I can help you out letting you know some general birthday ideas that you can try out. Below, you can find some of the best “40th birthday ideas for women", these list of ideas will just give you an outlook how you can celebrate this occasion.

    7 Birthday ideas that you must try on women’s 40th birthday

    A woman turning 40 is quite settled and mature, so we have come up with some matured birthday ideas for a mature women. These ideas are very simple, not loud, they are more of relationship based. Let us have a look –

    Old Friends get together

    A women on her 40th birthday will definitely love to meet her old friends from college, school or old office friends. Probably she might be busy for last some couple of years with family responsibilities and work pressure, So she might haven’t met her friends from quite a long time. If not from last many years, why not a get together of all friends this time.

    Plan out a get together by calling all of her old friends that she haven’t met from quite a long time. You can also plan out a surprise for her by letting them hide in the room for the surprise.

    Gift ideas for 40th Birthday

    A birthday celebration is never without sharing gifts, isn’t it. A women who is going to be 40 on this birthday must be gifted some special presents that she can remember for years. So, when we talk about birthday gifts for a 40 year women, then we must consider the maturity factor while we look out for some gift ideas. I have prepared a list of birthday gift ideas for a women’s 40th birthday.

    Old memories

    You can sit with her for normal chat with her. You can discuss some old memories with her. There can be a lot many things you can talk and share with her. You can open up all old photo albums of her or her collected photos to cherish old times.

    Cake decorations

    You can decorate the cake very beautifully, you can use the “40th Special birthday" tag on the cake. You can also print her picture on the cake from cake shop.

    Surprise party

    You can organize a surprise birthday party for her, where you can call out all her close friends and relatives for giving surprise. But remember party should not be loud, it should be in a matured manner, where all can meet and talk.

    Small Family celebrations

    For a woman who is going to be 40, what you think would be a good celebration for her? Family celebration, where all family member are there to celebrate this day, yes it is. She will definitely love to see all her family members getting together to celebrate this day. So, considering this factor I have some good options in mind, lets have look on these ideas.

    Champagne or wine to celebrate

    Celebrating the day with champagne, what could be better than that. It is a occasion on which a champagne bottle should get opened by the birthday person. So, you can let her open the bottle to give a toast and to begin the celebrations.

    A picnic

    If she haven’t been to picnic, then this is the time to plan out a picnic for this day. You can plan out a picnic where all family members can go together for the picnic.

    Watching out movie together

    You can plan out for a movie in nearest theater, where you all family members can go.

    Family dinner in Restaurant

    Dinner in restaurant is a nice option, where all family members can sit together and can have a quality time.

    I hope you have liked some of plans i have mentioned here. So, if she is your mom, sister, aunt or friend, these birthday ideas are good to try out.

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