Unusual Gifts for Men : 10 Unusual yet useful gift ideas for Men

    To find some unusual gifts for men could be quite a difficult task for you, isnā€™t it? This happens with everyone because for men you canā€™t think beyond usual and very common gifts. i.e shirt, bag, perfumes, etc.. I know you also might stuck in those very common gift ideas. But for a change you want to gift some unusual and very different kind of presents.

    unusual gifts ideas for men

    To find some of the unusual gifts, you must look in Online gifts shops as there you can find some of the gifts that you are looking for. For your convenience I explored hell lot of sites to find some of the great gifts that are unique & unusual and very different from the one you might be gifting from years.

    So here you can find some of the best gifts ideas that you might have never gifted to any man. Below you can find a list of gifts ideas that are unusual and very interesting. These are very general gifts that you can present men (dad, husband, friend, boyfriend or brother) and on any occasion.

    List of some Unusual gift ideas for a men

    These are some of very general gifts ideas that you can present to any man. So whether you might be looking out for a gift for you dad, husband, friend, boyfriend, brother, these gift would work for every one is these gifts ideas are very general. But if you like some specific ideas for the person whom you are looking, then better you discuss with us using comment section. You can discuss with us for whom exactly you are looking for so that we can give you some more specific gifts ideas.

    Anyways let us now get back. For you convenience I have researched on different forums, websites and dug a lot of gifts items in different gift shopping sites. So I came up with these gifts ideas that are very unusual, yet very useful. Because generally you lookout for very unusual gifts but they are of no use. So it is better to find gifts which are of some use.

    Pocket Mobile Projector

    What can be great than having a nice pocket mobile projector as a gift. It is worth a product which you can consider as a gift. It is very small in size that you can carry it anywhere very comfortably. You can carry it in your pocket or may be any pouch or bag.

    Beer bottle Opener

    A matured men loves to enjoy his time in weekends and having beer is a common option for many men. So if you are looking for a gift for a men who loves having beer, then this is a very nice gift. You can find different types of beer bottle openers in very attractive and unusual shapes.

    Virtual Keyboard

    It is a very nice gift to present a men. A matured man is always found to be working in laptops ( office work or business work ). So carrying a laptop to anywhere is very hectic at times as it is little heavy to carry. So here a virtual keyboard can do wonders.

    A virtual keyboard is a small little object, square in shape. With its laser technology it provides a virtual access to a keyboard. You can attach with mobile or tab or any screen device which is enabled to connect keyboard. You can carry it very easily as it is very small in size like a mobile. I think this is one of an unusual gift that you might have thought about, yet it is very useful.

    Unusual Spectacle holder

    If you are looking out for a gift for a person who wear spectacles or may be he wear shades, then this gift would be very useful.

    I know you might be thinking what is very unusual in a spectacle holder. But as I told you I will only share ideas that are useful and little unique. So this one I found fulfilling both and what unusual about it is the shape of it. You can find different types of very unusual shaped spectacle holders.

    Multitasking Pen

    A matured working men must be working somewhere or have his own business, but in anyways he must require a pen for his paperwork. So gifting a pen would be a nice option as a present. But wait a minute, is it an different or unusual gift? Not, but what about gifting a pen which is way more than any normal pen. There are many pen available in the market which are manufactured to do multiple work. i.e writing pen, screw driver, scale, etc. These all works are frequent part of a menā€™s life.

    Automatic Tie Rack

    What about gifting a automatic tie rack which rotates periodically and looks very amazing as it comes with inbuilt light system which gives a great look and makes your cupboard more attractive. So for a working men who go to office daily, this gift would be as very nice option.

    Lens shaped Coffee mug

    If you are looking a gift for a men who loves clicking pictures with his DSLR camera or have interest in photography, then this is a very a very nice gift that you can consider.

    You generally might have sipped coffee or tea in a cup or mug, but have you ever thought of having a sip in lenses shaped cup. I know it might be little wired for you, but not for a person who loves photography. So I believe its shape makes this mug, an unique and unusual gift.

    Body balance Bracelet

    A matured man needs to do a lot of work in his daily life. He is busy with his office work all the day or you can find him busy with family responsibilities. So through out the day he feels very low and his energy level goes down. So keeping this in mind I came up with this idea.

    A body balance bracelet is a bracelet which looks little different from a usual bracelet, but it comes with a very different technology. It is a bracelet which provides a great boast in the energy level of a person who is wearing. It helps in maintaining the energy level through out the day.

    Discuss with us

    So these were some of the unusual gifts for men. Hope you have liked few of these. These are very general gifts so if you want some specific gifts ideas, then please use the comment section to discuss with us.

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