Young Kids Love to Make their Birthday Gift wish List

    Who doesn’t love to receive a gift? It is difficult for me to name a single person, who would not like to receive a gift. A gift is a way of acknowledging the existence of a person. When do we gift each other, then the thought comes to my mind that on birthdays, on special occasions and some special days and events of life. If we get a gift apart from this special event, then it should be from someone close to us or else we start thinking about what would be the reason, for this gift?

    There is one breed in this world, who is the most innocent creation of God and they don’t doubt. They just love to be loved. If you wish to be happy yourself and make someone else happy, then gift anything smallest or biggest to this special creation, young kids. They won’t find the reason behind your gift, they don’t need any, but you can find that eternal happiness on their faces, which will give a peace to your heart. Let us get details on some of the gifts that young kids would have on their wish list.

    Gifts every kid love

    birthday gifts for kids

    New bicycle:

    They can’t have it enough. When we bought one for my son, the shopkeeper told us that you will need 3 to 5 more till he becomes an understanding kid. We were surprised to know. Today, he is having 6 different variants and demand is on for a later addition.

    Small cars:

    If we talk about their wish list, then they wish to have what they love the most. If it is a male kid then he shall be dying for different models of cars. You can give him smallest or biggest. Just see the happiness on his face and don’t think, this can suffice his collection. You have to keep on getting them with all the new additions in the market.

    Fairy dress:

    All Mumma’s tell fairy tells stories of their little fairies and all of them thinks themselves to be fairies from some wonderland. After hearing these stories, what they want the most is going to be this fairy dress. Little girls crave for, these dresses and they are made in such nice manner that you will also love to see your little fairy in the lovely dress.


    The most basic requirement of any girl. She can hug it, comb her hair, make her bath, she can fantasize about cooking with her and getting dressed up in Mumma’s cloth. The dolls are not just the dolls, but a small girls best friend.

    Cartoon tattoos:

    The most cherished part of life is watching cartoon movies and serials. They discuss it with their kid friends and they love to laugh watching them. We remember this cartoon characters throughout our lifetime. They love to have their impressions of their body, so give them a set of tattoos with their favorite cartoon characters.

    Kid Made Modern Block Party Kit:

    Colors are major part of someone’s childhood. It is pretty a nearer time, when they start to identify colors or understand the diversity of various colors. There childhood is like a rainbow and they love to color the rainbow of their life with best shades. If you can give this kit with 20 wooden blocks, 2 brushes and 20 colors, you will find some masterpieces, which you can treasure for the rest of your life and show them when they grow up.

    Balloon powered vehicle set:

    When you think of the childhood days or you see your kids and observe their demands, then everything is associated with colors and something flying in the sky and everything related to an imaginary world. Balloons are there all time favorites and it stands true in every corner of the world and every race of human. This set includes a pump, 31 rocket balloons and two balloon racers. So this is all to set the fun and fire together and see your loved one fly high in the sky with happiness.

    Surprise balls

    Now this is fun. This ball is hiding few surprise gifts in it, when squealed tiny gifts are unwrapped from it. This can be a very interesting gift for your kid on his birthday. Even, you can plan out a game with this ball and you would love to see the excitement on the faces of the kids. Just imagine, making them play the game of passing the parcel, then it will get difficult for you to make them pass the ball.

    Free play magna tab

    Here magnetic stylus is the pen and the bead board is the paper. Your kid can pick up beads with magnetic pen and put them in the bead board to create patterns and drawings. The exercise of picking beads with magnetic stylus and putting them at right place will keep them busy and confused over the properties of magnet.

    Zoo lunch bag

    Tell him the story of a dinosaur and make him fantasize about dinosaur saving kids and kids having fun eating food and see the way, he loves to take his lunch box to his school and brag among his friends about his new friend, dinosaur, who is specially there to protect his lunch and make him strong.

    Gifting to a young kid is too much interesting and fun compared to gifting to some elderly person. You too feel like creeping into the childhood world and enjoy the little desires of a kid. My little one thinks that whatever I get for him is gifted by Santa Claus and every now and then he tells me to update Santa Claus about his great deeds so that he can get the new gift very soon. So innocent, isn’t it? But this is what we call as childhood. Let him enjoy the best part of his life and what we can do is make this part of his life more interesting by adding some colors to it.

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