12 Birthday Gifts for Girls

Are you confused about what could be some best birthday gifts for a girl? You don’t have many ideas? Or may be you need someone who can help you out in this situation. In this article I will help you out finding in some of the best birthday gifts for girls. I will give some ideas which you can use to find out your own ideas out of it.

Girls are more of feelings, beauty, hygiene, etc.. Completely different from guys. So, when you look out for some good gifts, then you must consider these points.

Now, I know you might have your own ideas but that are very few, so for you I have prepared a list of things any girl would like to have on her birthday. You can try out these gifts ideas. Below, you can find some of the gifts ideas that you can try out. Here, I must mention that these birthday ideas are for young girls anywhere around 14 to 20 years, mostly teenage.

7 Gifts that any girl will love to have on her birthday

These are some birthday gift ideas that you can try for girls. These are listed down based own few factors that I had mentioned above. I hope you will like these ideas. Now, let us see these ideas one by one.

Teddy for room

Girls no matter of age, loves to decorate their rooms. They love to be around beautiful looking things around in their room. So, I think teddy bear is good option. You can buy a big teddy bear that she can put in her room.

Personalized mug

A personalized mug can be a good option for a girl. You can buy a big coffee mug and use it to print some pictures and messages. Depending upon the age you must use some messages, you can also use sketches for it. If you are looking for some personalized gifts ideas, then you must refer this.

Carry bag( purse)

Girls really love to collect different carry bags or purse. They love to make a good collection of some good looking carry bag or purses. So, I think it would be a good option to gift a girl, you can try this out.

A big Greeting card

A greeting card is the best gift for any anyone, I believe. It is because you can use in your your own way to express your feelings. The good thing about greeting card is that people keep greeting cards for year. As every year I receive birthday cards from mom and dad, I just keep them with me and now I have a bunch of cards from last many years. So, whenever I read those cards and messages, it make me feel happy and shows how much people love me.

Chocolate box

You might be knowing that girls really love chocolates. So, why not a chocolate box as a gift. You can find it out, what kind of chocolate that girl likes. So, you can buy that kind of chocolate and wrap the box in a birthday gift wrap.

Skin care kit

If the girl is little mature and likes to take care of her skin, then you must gift her a skin care kit. In which you can have sunscreen, lotions, moisturizers, etc.. She will definitely love to have this gift on her birthday.

Nail Paint set

Many girls love nail polish/paint. They love to use it daily and with different shades. So, you can gift a set of some cool looking nail paints of different colors and shades.


Girls use perfumes as they love to smell good. So, why not to gift a perfume to her on her birthday. You can also gift a set of perfumes to her.

Makeup kit

Girls really love to do little makeup. So, I think, a make up kit would be a good option for her birthday.

A Funky watch

Many girls to love wear a cool looking wrist watch. They love to match the color or their watch with the clothes. So, I think you must gift a watch to her, most preferably pink in color as most girls favorite color is pink.

Set of clothes

You can buy some good clothes for the girl. You can go for 2 or 3 different types of tops. You can wrap them up in a very nice looking gifting bag. I know she will definitely love to have this gift.

These were few of the birthday gifts ideas for girls. If the girl is turning 21, then you must try these gifts ideas. I hope you have liked some of them. If you want to discuss further for more birthday gift ideas, you can use comment section, as you will get the response instantly. Or if you find these ideas to be helpful to you then please share it on your social network.

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