12 Cute Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Girlie gifts are easy to choose and you have a wide range of cuddlies for them but what about the boys? It is not easy, but here are some snazzy gift ideas for your boyfriend. You can have them ready made or personalized Or both. Buy ready made gifts and add your touch to personalize it. That can also be an attractive approach. Cute birthday gift ideas for boyfriend are the gifts that introduces cute moments in your life.

Cute gifts you can get your Boyfriend for his birthday

I know could be quit difficult for a girlfriend to find some cute gifts for her boyfriend’s birthday. I am as a guy could find it difficult to find some cute gifts for guy, so for you it is little tricky. Ok, now want to share my list of 12 cute birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. I thought a lot about these gifts, also researched over to find these best gift ideas for you. So lets check these birthday gift ideas. You can also find a list of DIY birthday gift ideas for boyfriend, as you can give your own cuteness to your gift.

A Leather wallet with a pop up

A cool printed leather wallet makes an ideal gift. And you can personalize it by attaching a pop up inside. It can contain messages like, Love You,Miss Me, Thinking of You; Or Always in Your Heart, the list is endless to choose from.

He/She Key chains or Pendant

There are very cute he/she key chains available in the market. These are magnetically joined like Mickey and Minnie, A Heart in two parts, a boy with a heart shaped cutout near the heart and a ring made out of the cut out and many more. Here you can check out few more gifts like this.

Favorite Deodorant Spray or perfume

His favorite Deodorant Spray or perfume never goes out of fashion. You can couple it with a box of his favorite chocolates.Cuteness can be added by a special selection of bottle. The cute shapes of bottle available for fragrances are so cool that the gift getter never feels like using it.

A hand painted T-shirt

A T-shirt personalized by you with a cute message like, “ you mean the world to me”, Will be a real stunner. Graffiti T-shirts are in rage and very much liked by young hearts. Cute or fun message quoted by you can add special touch of connection between you two. You can also find some more personalized gift ideas for him.

A pair of cute pincer cuddlies

You might be thinking that a guy would never find a cuddlie to be cute, but believe me if he get this gift from her girlfriend then he will be. Without any other thought you can gift him cudllies. A pair of cute pincer cuddlies with both your names on each one. These can make good clutches for his bedroom curtains. What can be, the best way to stay in his mind?

Friendship or love quotes book

A book of quotes can be a cute gift. You can personalize it by sticking your together pictures on pages where your favorite quotes are written. Make it more personal by writing some personal feelings and it can take him away. He will love reading this book as this is more a special gift from her love.

A personalized Desktop Clock

A personalized desktop clock with your picture as the dial can be a hit with him, or you can have pictures of your different moods and special moments in place of numbers on the clock. This is one of the cute gift ideas for boyfriend.

A Swiss Knife

A swiss knife is every boys priced possession. He will be more than happy to receive it. It is a passion of guys to flaunt such things. Let them be happy in their own way. If your friend circle also share such mindset that it will be a great moment to show the gift and keep it. You can find very funky looking Swiss knife in the market.


A pair of smart headphones for the music freak is a great gesture of your love. These days headphones are available in special designs. Guys love to, possess headphones of brands such as Boss, Sony, Panasonic or many more. You can make your hands into practice just by personalizing it a bit. Give your own cuteness to this gadget. You can find some more such birthday gift ideas.

A Pair of sneakers

A pair of his favorite Nike sneaker will be a gift he will cherish. Let him flaunt his best mood in it and you will love to be with him at this moment. Definitely, he will feel more than happy to have them and in turn he will make you happy. You can also find some cute cartoons printed slippers for him.

A duffel or tote bag

You get a variety of these bags. They could have his favorite character or even a smart one of his favorite color Which ever it is, I’m sure he will love it. Designer collections or quirky college bags are in thing. You will get endless designs in the endless price range. It will be a fun moment to see him carry that bag.

What Ever you gift him add a personal touch and the gift becomes priceless. These are not going to be just cute gifts, but a bouquet of happiness for both of you. Remember gifts are not just the gift but a set of emotions.

So now I end up here, I believe this list of cute birthday gift ideas for boyfriend, have helped you. You can add more cuteness to these gifts by personalizing a bit.

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