Gift a Promising Career to Your Loved Ones


Are you bored with the conventional gifts that you often give or receive? We know that all materialistic things such as bags, perfumes and chocolates are too common to gift. Hence, let us break the conventions and gift something that is valuable to your loved ones.

Like every other parent or family member, we know that you love your children endlessly. And you are undoubtedly very concerned about their futures and want them to excel in their careers. How about you help them take the first step towards a bright future? What if we tell you such a thing is possible. Image your child or cousin or dearest friend takes their first counseling as a gift from you?

Well, trust us or not, you can now gift your dear ones a promising career. One such platform that would help you facilitate that is Leverage Edu. Amongst all the materialistic things, what would last forever is a great career. Now, what makes you towards your dream job? It is the right education. What makes you a step closer to your dream college? It is a career counseling session. Now, what if you gift a career counseling session to them? Here you go! You can connect your family with the experts in the education industry who will help you choose the right career path. Now that we are talking about such a gift, let us know what it really means.


What is it?

While it is taken as a very essential factor for identifying the right career path, it is important because it is not just telling you what you are invested in. Every student knows that they like. What they want to know is if there is a scope of making a great career out of it. If so, then what and how. Well, these experts do exactly the same. They help you identify what you truly love and what all career paths can you take to ace in that field. Now if there are numerous options available, which all institutions will take, you step closer to that career and give you the right education needed to become a well-rounded professional in the very industry. Also, what all job prospects will be available to you and what will be your salary in future. Other than this, they would also help you shortlist your colleges and ease out the application process. Now when we say it is an ideal gift, are we kidding? No, right!

Who all can benefit from such a great session? Your family members, who are in school, or in college. People, who have plans to pursue higher education in near future or anyone who wants to map out their future in advance and you think they would benefit from such a session greatly. Such guidance is truly beneficial as it is in-line with an individual’s education so far. It consists of an analysis of their profile and listing the pros and cons of everything that is related to their education.

What all are the benefits of a counseling session?

If you are wondering how this can benefit your family member, here’s the answer. While there are absolutely innumerable benefits of a career counseling session, it is equally important to get it from the right expert. With the advancements in science and technology, now there are many ways to get a highly accurate analysis of your career. Many industry experts use psychometric tests to analyze where a student’s interest lies. Based on that, they may draw conclusions that tell about what all could be the ideal career prospects and what courses and which all colleges can take you there. Under mentioned are the benefits of a great counseling session.

  •    A student’s interests
  •    Strengths and weaknesses
  •    Making the right choice related to education and career
  •    Career prospects available to him that is in life with these interests and previously attained education
  •    Alternate options that lead him to his dream job.


Now that you know about the great benefits that are attached to such a counseling session, do you think there could be an even better gift for your dear ones? We believe you have your answer. Stay tuned for more such wonderful updates!

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